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hey!! x]] its emily. im 13 and all i do is skate,sports,music,and drawing!!!!! someof my favorite bands are SID,EVENING,slipknot,DBSK,dragonforce,atreyu,and so so so many more. im asain if your asking!! i have full 100% ASAIN PRIDE!!! x]] im vietnamese borned and raised. i love to sing and play the piano too. i love to hang out with my friends and mess around with stuff.2/5 of my life depends on grades xD that might not be a lot but i really work hard in school. i made student of the term this year too !!! WOO '08 well.. if you want to know more about me then you can get me on myspace,aim,and yahoo www.myspace.com/punkfreak654,(aim) pac3890, and (yahoo) azn_girl654@yahoo.com
sports,music,drawing, and other stuff. :3 isaac!! i wubs you so much!<- isaac is da coolest person eva!! i loves him! blah blah blah blah blah x]]
Fav Music:
anything except country and rap and really really really really slow pointless music.
Fav Movies:
my favorite movie of all time is...umm.. a lot Lol i cant think of them
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partyguyeatingpizza writes...
at 1:37:13pm on 9/28/08
T.T i dont feel well
Rosario_Vampire writes...
at 8:34:03pm on 8/23/08
Nice profile~
cute rain14 writes...
at 2:38:04am on 8/22/08
hahahaha Nice banner! hehe
iGir writes...
at 9:12:12pm on 7/28/08
hey remember me yah i know guess wht the whole time i was with this girl she was playing my the whole time and i was thinking about u every day and i went emo and i almost died bc of it thinking why i left u and now i really wan to talk to u bc i can't help no being with u D: and i always will regret leaving u and i can't help it please can we talk? bc i LOVE U ALOT AND I CAN'T STOP NOT LOVING U BC ALL I THINK ABOUT IS U!
TanNguyen writes...
at 6:41:29am on 7/8/08
What's good? How's your summer so far? Enjoyin the crazy ass weather in Mass?
L_eMo_N writes...
at 7:13:43pm on 6/28/08
awwww... thank you so much ^_^
i_baked_some_cookies4.1 writes...
at 5:38:50pm on 6/24/08
i love yer avi.
Panda___Bear writes...
at 3:43:26pm on 6/18/08
i love you for your default. miyavi=<3
_Southking writes...
at 10:58:11am on 6/18/08
wuts happenininininin...
???? that was strange i think i have a studder now
dj_azn_lao_fantasy writes...
at 8:57:02pm on 6/16/08
hey emily, havent talk to ya in awhile, cuz my mom got mad at me and i couldnt get online for like a month. ttul then.
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