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Yo. Not much about me. Just your normal everyday unethusiastic guy( Most of the time) I suck at FFR, never challenge me. I'll end up losing like always -_- Plus I only play this game for fun, so who CARES if you get 1000 boos on a song? As long as you get the combo :D
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Kagami_Hiiragi writes...
at 4:44:42pm on 12/31/08
Crmnvllnv writes...
at 2:04:14pm on 11/19/08
thanks i will post more on my profile later on
Eternal_Nightmare writes...
at 7:35:14pm on 11/16/08
aww its ok ur not dumb to me.
hell ur super sweet :] <3
and if it makes u feel any better. i got 3f'3 AND 3d's
Eternal_Nightmare writes...
at 4:57:54pm on 11/6/08
Zelos my love <3
Im doin ok. how are u?
Eternal_Nightmare writes...
at 10:46:14pm on 10/26/08
zelos! :]
WolfXhunter writes...
at 1:31:02pm on 10/11/08
i was here :P
Anime_Angel123 writes...
at 2:58:05pm on 10/6/08
ohh fireworks ilikey @_@
Anime_Angel123 writes...
at 3:41:56pm on 10/5/08
nooz i like it.
I lubbz orange and black.
Your banner is very pretty =D
Anime_Angel123 writes...
at 4:50:22pm on 9/29/08
Hi hihi!
Thanks for the thumbs up =]
Flaming_Dingleberry writes...
at 9:55:25pm on 9/28/08
Altogether, ten movies. Seven are already on my profile and three are not released. Expect Metal Gear Jello 2, 3 and a Halloween special =) Go to
flashflashrevolution.com/profile/shoe the almighty
for some other movies he did without me.
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