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June 8th, 2009; Index 4 Life.
Posted on: June 8, 2009, at 09:46:36am   [3 comments]
I haven't played in quite a while, and decided to come back, and I have noticed an ASSLOAD of new songs have been added while I was away... I guess I am going to get my average under 1K, give me a few days :)

It is 9:47AM on June 8th. Average Rank = 12K

August 28, 2008; FFR.
Posted on: August 28, 2008, at 10:32:00pm   [0 comments]
Hi, you can call me Ziggy. My playing style is index. I can PA songs up to very difficult easily, that are indexable, around that area, challenging + above I usually mash for a FC if it is a spread song, but it gets the job done :]

I am very outgoing, nice, and easy to get along with. If you need to contact me, you can send me a PM, or comment my wall. :]

Comment wall
powerfull writes...
at 9:41:57pm on 7/11/09
Heyy! Remember me? :D
championanwar writes...
at 9:10:03pm on 6/9/09
10/10 man, I thought it was brill. Wow man! /clap :D
championanwar writes...
at 5:39:53am on 6/9/09
SAVED! That pic was awesome :D Also, you're like 4 levels below me. You can catch up in no time, andddd - My best AAA is VC so nyah :D
championanwar writes...
at 4:14:45pm on 6/8/09
I don't play FFR anymore, so the catchup will be very easy for you :D. Also, Welcome back :D :D :D
championanwar writes...
at 4:11:36pm on 6/8/09
IT BE TYLER! I thought you left me?!
championanwar writes...
at 5:46:35am on 2/5/09
I already do that -____-
What are you hiding?
championanwar writes...
at 3:46:42am on 2/4/09
No you tell me! What's your secret? :D
championanwar writes...
at 12:32:16am on 2/4/09
championanwar writes...
at 7:12:13am on 1/31/09
Tyler :|
championanwar writes...
at 12:17:31am on 12/19/08
Birthday dude! You best get back online!
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