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About me:
Hey everyone! My name is Dan. Im just your average 18 year old that likes to make friends and game. Friend request me and stuff so we can get to know each other and all that jazz. :D
I love to play sports and game. I like to watch tv and movies. Animes are awesome! IF i had a better computer id be on it alot more, but i have a simple netbook so yeah...lol. These are just some simple thinks from the top of my head. If you wanna know more about me just ask! :)
Fav Music:
Favorite music??? None in general actually. Anything that sounds good to me. The one thing i cant really deal with is RAP though. Rap blows in my opinion. I go more for Rock, metal, techno, and trance. Can't really name any songs, but ask and i shall tell. :D
Fav Movies:
Ummmm...ALOT. Hehe. I mainly like to watch Action movies. Not really into horror, romance, or drama. Ill watch them, but not for fun or entertainment really. Ill watch them when the opportunity strikes. 3 of my favorite movies are James Bond 007: Casino Royale, Sherlock Holmes, and Taken.
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PrawnSkunk writes at 3:54:41am on 4/22/14
Hi Dan, I received a donation without a comment or username, from someone who I believe to be you. If so - thanks for your support! please let me know which of the six support token songs you would like to unlock.
kairi50 writes at 2:52:08am on 12/11/11
well ill have to give u some, some other time cuz i gtg to sleep. night :)
kairi50 writes at 11:32:44pm on 12/10/11
yep! true dat!
kairi50 writes at 11:24:58pm on 12/10/11
oh.. that sux :l well sports r fun, i dont play any myself tho. haha i used to but then i stopped.
kairi50 writes at 11:15:54pm on 12/10/11
oh okay. yeah jazz is my favorite ut everyones different tho :) if ur not into books,, besides videogames what r u into..
kairi50 writes at 11:07:32pm on 12/10/11
well apparently i suck at avp. "." so.. um yeah thats about it. im not a gamer nerd. i read books, listen to jazz music, michael buble, frank sinatra etc :)
kairi50 writes at 11:00:45pm on 12/10/11
of course ;) all guys play xbox haha xD must be a guy thing.
kairi50 writes at 10:55:59pm on 12/10/11
yes it is haha :) and u, what u up to
kairi50 writes at 10:50:29pm on 12/10/11
nothing much just watching youtube videos :)
kairi50 writes at 6:26:07pm on 12/10/11
hii :)