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Yukari Yakumo
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About me:
I like to play things like arrow-based rhythm games, role-playing games, and... well, many games beside those. I am nice and don't mind random things, so you should not be afraid to send me a hello.
Hmm, I like games and music, basically, and I am addicted to both.
Fav Music:
Many forms of rock are definitely my favorite together, but also, orchestral music, and music coming from video games, which is always a combination.
Fav Movies:
Mostly, I like action films, but also romantic comedies.
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Thank God for Gambling
Posted on: November 25, 2008, at 07:22:36pm   [10 comments]

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Avantasia writes...
at 9:36:15pm on 12/5/09
Games + Music addicitons = <3 xD
RebelScum writes...
at 9:42:16pm on 2/5/09
Anko fam?
Trowaman90 writes...
at 1:29:32pm on 1/27/09
Where have you been???
iKinky writes...
at 1:32:11am on 1/9/09
hai there wats up ^^
510 Oakland ps3 writes...
at 2:16:23pm on 12/31/08
hey there it's been a while.
Trowaman90 writes...
at 12:50:46pm on 12/19/08
Hey I was wondering where you've been?
Hayate writes...
at 5:12:51pm on 12/10/08
Thanks very much! :)
Sorry if this reply was very late... I haven't been on here in a long while. University and what not lol.
passivegirl writes...
at 7:15:40pm on 12/6/08
If it's of Yukari Yakomo then I fail at life :<
passivegirl writes...
at 7:14:09pm on 12/6/08
Who is your av of? o.o Ish mega cute!!
Trowaman90 writes...
at 1:49:05pm on 12/2/08
Hey how have you been Yakumo-sama?
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