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Your friend Timmy
FFR Average Rank:53,111
Last Activity:06-04-2012
Member for: 4.15 years
Gaming Region:USA - New England
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masterterror013 writes...
at 3:08:40pm on 5/15/12
your welcome :3
masterterror013 writes...
at 9:02:18pm on 5/14/12
welcome to ffr!
Kokonoe Rin writes...
at 4:16:13pm on 5/13/12
The fact that he muted, and kicked me does not change the fact that the buzz system has only been used for it's intended purpose 12% of the time and the rest has been used for fun. If he'd let me finish, instead of jumping the gun, I would have been able to say "it's SUPPOSED to be used to contact the mods"
Kokonoe Rin writes...
at 4:13:24pm on 5/13/12
I have a friend named timmy??? Wait.....I have a friend??? -hyperventilates- omg....omg...OMGGGGG I HAVE A FRIIIIIIIEND!
emo1555 writes...
at 5:23:10pm on 5/9/12
lol welcome friend :)
euphoriakisses writes...
at 3:49:25pm on 5/9/12
Youre not my friend.
ShadowAmnesia writes...
at 1:43:45pm on 5/9/12
Thanks for the vote, friend.
DarknessXoXLight writes...
at 9:22:53pm on 5/8/12
yo man im awesome writes...
at 7:51:34pm on 5/7/12
Timmy, my friend!
Synthlight writes...
at 7:12:21pm on 5/7/12
First person to post on your wall.