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I'm a furry if anyone cares; always looking for furry friends. This is my new main; that being said, I will no longer upload sims on XxHaseoDragonxX, the name you may know me by. Now my sims will read XxSkeithDragonxX. I photoshoped my avatar and the keyblade, also made a few siggys. I have an FA account, am active on it. My fursona for those who care is a fox. No I havent drawn it yet, I need to get better first. For all those who hate furries you can quote me on this: Society needs to learn to have an open mind and accept people for who they are, not who they think they should be. I'm down to earth, realistic; I don't trust people easily, nor will I ever open myself up to anyone. I don't believe in love, at all, period. I think it's quite foolish to look for someone who cares for you when, in the end, all they do is use, then discard you; betrayal is a funny thing. Currently I'm attending college, working my way towards a university, thus far my grades are straight A's with a few B's here and there. I don't show my true emotions, if you ever did see me I would smile regardless of how I was feeling. Growing up I never had many friends, the little I did just betrayed me. I was always ostracized by society for the way I look, so lol at society. I had one girlfriend, but I was only a rebound, again lol at society. Then there's the daily "yiff in hell furfag" comments. Really, if you think that angers me, hurts me, affects me in anyway you're wrong. I'm not ashamed of it, if you're too close-minded to realize regardless of race, religion, likes, w/e that we're all still human then truly I feel pity for you. I don't think people are capable of truely caring for one another; in the end when they tire of you or you seperate they forget about you, as if you never existed. Kinda sad huh, unfortunately that's just the way it is, nothing can be changed so why bother with it.
Assuming you managed to read this far shows one of two things: either you're incredibly bored and have nothing better to do then read my words, or two: you find yourself in a neutral agreement on some to all of what I said. And no, I'm not emo, I don't hate life, I don't hate people,I don't judge people or look down on them; I simply don't attach myself to people, that way when they do betray me it really doesn't hurt that much. And if they turn out to be a nice person then awesome. There really isn't anything else to say. Interests: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, it's fun; I did manage to get the hp display and remote joy working, so thats a plus, I guess. ~Learning how to draw yiff, my only experience are dragons and realistic art, but I want to draw good furry pics someday, so I'm going to start learning this style of art, lawls~ Furries (obvious) Fantasy and realism art. Dragons!!!! Funny stuff. Favotite artists include: * Dr. Comet (Kemono Island-yes I stepped a Kemono Island Song, name is unknown melody). * Bernal (SF's main artist, I really like Orchid). *Various other furry artists like foxxfire and such that are too numerous to list. MapleStory (If ya play let me know, I'm on Kradia!) ~ Lv 188/200 now taking a break from the boredom. Dragons! I even drew an anime dragon, he's so cute ^^ Possibly composing music; finish writing my book, hopefully when done it will get published.
Fav Music:
Video Game music (remixes too) FFR music Techno Rock Sad songs, like the one I composed. Dark music (Like the silent hill tracks) very little country Even less rap >.>
Fav Movies:
Too many movies! Scary Movies Video game spoofs count? All the Awesome series. Naruto movies, lawls. A small list: Bagi, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Disney classics (like Lion King)
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FurAffinity Updates
Posted on: November 24, 2009, at 06:09:34pm   [0 comments]
My FA has been updated for those who care, see homepage link.

Before You Go
Posted on: October 19, 2009, at 03:58:59pm   [0 comments]

A song I created on fl studio 7. Composed this when I was really down, feedback is always welcome.

Above The Rising Falls
Posted on: September 21, 2009, at 11:41:58pm   [0 comments]

White Fatalis is done, will upload later.

Devil Kitten PSP Theme
Posted on: October 7, 2008, at 11:11:45am   [0 comments]
I made a Devil Kitten Theme for the PSP, to download copy the link below:


How To Install Windows Vista
Posted on: October 3, 2008, at 01:40:13am   [2 comments]

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CynderDragonX96 writes...
at 11:51:01pm on 10/28/09
Hey whats up
Black.Bunny writes...
at 3:13:53pm on 10/21/09
lol nice ;3
Fantasticone writes...
at 2:09:19am on 10/21/09
Gotten a little better, classes are being manageable now. Still playing DF but may stop to make money in Windia. Mostly afk on another comp in Kradia hearing your guild talk.
DannHellraiser writes...
at 12:21:06am on 10/21/09
and thanks for the vote
DannHellraiser writes...
at 12:20:42am on 10/21/09
nice nonetheless, but if you want a free image editing program try gimp, i mean, i heard its pretty much the same as photoshop but i never tried it
DannHellraiser writes...
at 11:41:34pm on 10/20/09
nice avi =]
Black.Bunny writes...
at 8:56:14pm on 10/20/09
holy shitz i love ur profile :D
SweetNightmares writes...
at 4:07:10pm on 10/20/09
I love your profile!!!1 Kingdm Hearts is awesome!!!!
_REDYOSHI_ writes...
at 10:34:03pm on 9/27/09
Thanks for accepting my invite. ^_^
_REDYOSHI_ writes...
at 5:56:04pm on 9/26/09
Hey what's up fellow Furry? Always nice to meet another proud Furry. ;)
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