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iGir writes...
at 7:09:02pm on 8/7/08
nvm >_> lmao they broke up srry lolz mistake >_> i thought they were but i know they were before they borke up lmao so don't worrie he isn't cheating on u
iGir writes...
at 6:55:36pm on 8/7/08
he already has a gf emily o.o when did u guys start going out ? he ischeating on both u guys then?
TaiganLyn writes...
at 2:39:39pm on 7/27/08
does the Bella relate to Twilight, or is that yer name?
vincevance writes...
at 12:57:23am on 7/27/08
hey how are you? How do you like it on ffr?
sausuke_uchiha writes...
at 9:46:51pm on 7/26/08
nice profile
Synthlight writes...
at 7:39:36pm on 7/26/08
First person to post on your wall.