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o0o...XD__||_____╔╦╦╦═╦╗╔═╦═╦══╦═╗______||__XP...o0o o0o...XD__||_____║║║║╩╣╚╣═╣║║║║║╩╣_____||__XP...o0o o0o...XD__||_____╚══╩═╩═╩═╩═╩╩╩╩═╝_____||__XP...o0o.. Hello people. I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and I have just turned 16 this past christmas. Main things you need to know about me is that I am a outgoing person, who is normaly quiet, and I can be one of the nicest people you will ever meet, but if I don't like you well.... Also my entire life revolves around soccer, FFR, and girls ;D. I had surgery which prevented me from playing on Huron's varsity soccer team as a freshman. I'm taken by the most wonderful girl in the world and nothing can make me love her more than I do now, I could go on but I don't want to bore you with excessive details, other than she my best friend's ex... Now if you want to know more just ask me.
soccer, friends, music, FFR, tv, and now i create a little music
Fav Music:
Mostly rock, some hip hop, popular classical, NO COUNTRY
Fav Movies:
Benchwarmers..Superbad..Beta House..Naked mile..300 all kick ass movies.
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Count Down to 400 AAAs
Posted on: June 11, 2009, at 03:49:24pm   [0 comments]
I think once I hit 400 I'm going to take a break because I do have a life outside of FFR, another way of putting it is that I would like to spend more time with my girlfriend, sorry FFR friends but shes just so much more important. I'm not trying to reach 400 anytime soon because I am taking a break and don't want to play professionaly anymore. Plus my girlfriend is more fun... if you know what I mean ;D And yes she is here while I'm typing this thought.

305: Dishwater (5)
306: Speed Limit 38 (7)
307: Start Something (8)
308: Vanishing Gungaroon (9)
309: July (8)
310: Fantranstic (9)
311: Wild Sky (9)
312: Read The Mind (6)
313: Hanabi (8)
314: Stalled Out and Sushi Bars (7)
315: Vanity Angel (Seraphim Mix) (8)
316: Cash Cow (7)
317: Get Ready 2 Rokk (7)
318: Emotions (6)
319: Drum Song (6)
320: Horizon II (Seven's Dawn) (7)
321: Solar Force (8)
322: Emerald Hill (Metaljonus Mix) (8)
323: Guitar Vs Piano (8)
324: Mercury Lamp (8)
325: Mother Of God (9)
326: Cutting Circles (10)
327: Red Dress [Heavy] (7)
328: Brainwave (9)
329: Infinity 301 (9)
330: Haven (9)
331: Innocent Decay (9)
332: Resistance (4)
333: {Blaze} (9)
334: Vijore (8)
335: Remember 15 Years ago... (8)
336: Sensorium (8)
337: Shapeshifter (9)
338: Final Fantasy 3 Boss (9)
339: Reversing Darts (9)
340: Hyper Pressure (9)
341: Get Down (10)
342: Randomness Reactor III (10)
343: Sly (8)
344: The Return F SuperDouble (4)-- This sucked!
345: Etude To A Dragon (9)
346: Four Vents (8)
347: Stay With Me (Unlikely) FFR V2 (6)
348: Okusenman! -Hardcore Mix- (8)
349: Indulgence (8)
350: Progression (9)
351: Back in the Day (8)
352: {Paranorma} (7)
353: Snake Riddim (7)
354: Oasis -Long Version- (8)
355: Toph's OP (9)
356: Frozen Rain (8)
357: Into The Night (9)
358: State of Emergency (10)
359: Synesthetic FFR Edit (7)
360: Frozen Fire (8)
361: Black Wing Metamorphosis (8)
362: Bubble Bobble Hillbilly Rodeo (7)
363: PSYCHIC DiVE (8)
364: Wrath (8)
365: Shut Up and Let Me Go ( w The Ting Tings) (6)
366: For Your Love (9)
367: Infernoplex (9)
368: Tambourin Chinois (10)-- Hell Yes!!! Round 2 here I come
369: Yoshi's Cookie (9)
370: Tribal Transcendency (9)
371: Chaoz Japan (9)

Guess what!
Posted on: February 24, 2009, at 08:21:40pm   [0 comments]
1. I'm not emo at all, i love life, have great friends and family, and soccer and school are going rlly well. I just wanted to clear things up.
2. Although I'm not emo I do enjoy a lot of dark things, like Halloween, gothic rock, and a lot of gothic items.
3.If you are tired of typing "http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/" then simply type in this url.


I use it because it shortens everything. Want an easy way to remember it? its trim with a . between the r and the i, then remember the last 4 letters. (P.s. the url is case sencitive)
4. I passed my road test and now have my license!!!
5. As of 3/28/09 I know pi to 60 places!
~3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944!!!!! this was not copied
6. I got The Five!!! That's the end of the token chain.
7. check out agirlrules profile.
8. My profile is green now, live with it! I changed because I got 24 new AAA's today, and like 60 new FC's
9. The stupid nanairopanda V2 skill token is pissing me off, so far the closest I have come to gaining it I got 10 goods, 0 averages, 184 misses (that's what it should be), and 2 boos! ugh!!!
10. 5/6/09 200 AAA's yay
11. 1st VC AAA to be my 240th overall!!! 5/27/09
12. My average rank has fallen below 200!!! 6/12/09

Skill Token Help
Posted on: November 28, 2008, at 08:11:34pm   [3 comments]
Token: Spontaneous Hydroxide v2
How to unlock: Unlocked by AAA'ing on Spontaneous Hydroxide
Tip: Screencut or use a speedmod if possible; it helps when getting AAA's, but this one is easy anyways.

Token: Dazzling Destiny
How to unlock: Full Combo Dazzling Soul
Tip: This one is pretty difficult to have a tip on, but try not to worry about accuracy in this one, just go for the FC.

Token: Hellbeat V2
How to unlock: Pass Hellbeat with 200+ combo, 10 or less misses/boos on Hellbeat v1
Tip: Try to focus and only hit arrows that are actually there (dont mash lol), and try to get the 200 combo from the beginning, it's alot harder to combo the end.

Token: Idol (Danpa with Posing Guys ver)
How to unlock: Pass Torinouta (Noise Rave Mix)
Tip: Pass Torinouta (Noise Rave Mix) (Location: Dance2)
Jwcgator's Tip: Try not to miss too many on the bursts, but don't completly mash. This one shouldnt be too hard.

Token: First Try
How to unlock: Pass Yoshi Bonus Round
Tip: Don't Panic!! This part is not as hard as it seems!

Token: UNknown Girl
How to unlock: Get 40 credits on any 1 song
Tip: Try getting a good score on a high point song (Like BB Evolution, Max Forever, Song for the Nijhonjins, or Bicycle Break). I suggest Max Forever or Song for the Nijonjins.

Token: Gaussian Blur 2
How to unlock: Single Digit Good on Gaussian Blur 3
Tip: Use a speedmod, it will really help when trying to hit the streams accuratly.

Token: BB Revenge
How to unlock: Passing BB Evolution with more misses than boos
Tip: Try to combo as much as you can and then miss a bunch, then combo back up so you don't die (dont mash!!!)

Token: Spinning With You
How to unlock: Pass Burnout with less than 50 perfects to unlock Spinning With You
Tip: I turned off the sound for this one, and hit notes early but pretended like they were on beat. OPTIONALLY you can turn on 3x, i've heard of that working well.

Token: Manhattan Sapphire
How to unlock: Must get a blackflag (1 good FC) on Life Goes On to unlock Manhattan Sapphire.
Tip: Try to get an AAA but force yourself to get a good in a part with just 4ths or 8ths.

Token: V1
How to unlock: Get 435 or more perfects and 2 or less misses on Beethoven Virus to unlock V1
Tip: If you can, use 2 hands on this song since most of the patterns are hard for 1 handers to hit. Also, try to screencut or use a speedmod to better your perfect count.

Token: Destiny v2
How to unlock: Get 313 perfects, 0 goods, 0 averages, 299 misses, 0 boos on Destiny to unlock Destiny v2
Tip: All you need to do is hit all the arrows on the LEFT and the DOWN arrows perfectly, what I did was AAA it but turned off the RIGHT and UP arrows, that worked out well for me.

Token: Emotions V2
How to unlock: Get 400+ perfects, 20+ goods, and 20+ averages on Emotions to unlock Emotions v2
Tip: You can either try to get the averages and goods in the beginning, or in the end. If you do it in the beginning, try to make sure you get the goods and averages BEFORE you get to a combo of 100 so you can be sure you'll have enough arrows left to get 400 perfects. If you're getting them in the end, try to AAA the first 400 arrows and then just mash the hell out of everything in the end.

Token: Calm (Short 'n' Slow Mix)
How to unlock: Get at least as many goods as misses on I Can See The Light to unlock Calm (Short 'n' Slow Mix)
Tip: Set Autofail to 1 perfect and hit the first arrow perfectly. Easy enough.

Token: Tribal Style
How to unlock: Get a Full Combo on Tribal Revival to unlock Tribal Style
Tip: if you cant FC this then practice jump arrows on other songs just to get familiar with them. use speed mods, there important here. the ending part is also a hassle, focus on the beat.

Token: Battle Ax
How to unlock: Get a Full Combo on ESC with 2 or less goods to unlock Battle Ax.
Tip: this takes a bit of practice. use speed mods like 1.5x or 1.75x whichever is comfortable for you. practice the song and start using autofail for consequence to force yourself to get better, even try without the music so you can concentrate on the arrows instead of the beat.

Token: So Long To The Circus
How to unlock: Hit at least 200 notes before failing on Victims & Martyrs to unlock So Long To The Circus.
Tip: hit 200 arrows, whether there perfect or good or average.

Token: Lift Up
How to unlock: Get at least 340 perfects on 8-Bit Day Dreamer to unlock Lift Up.
Tip: this is the first chain token song, so this is obviously the easiest. practice the required song to become familiar with it. dont stress, have fun with it.

Token: Zephon
How to unlock: Get exactly a 9 good FC on Takecore of Yourself to unlock Zephon.
Tip: practice takecore of yourself so you can at least get a SDG on it whenever you want to. then play it and count up the number of goods you get in the song while you play. if you cant see whether you hit a good, play mini, it works. Practice your butt off for this one.

Token: Ninjitsu
How to unlock: Get more goods than perfects on Snowflakes (and pass) to unlock Ninjitsu.
Tip: try 1.5x speed. play the beat a bit earlier so you could get more goods. avoid perfects at all costs. even miss a bunch of notes if you have to. or play a speed mod that you cant tolerate to help you mess up your PA.

Token: P8107
How to unlock: Get more misses than averages and more boos than goods on K8107 while passing to unlock P8107.
Tip: try to get alot of perfects, atleast on the easy parts of the song. and miss the arrows that bunch up together, and if theres any pause, then start booing. focus on boos since you need more boos then goods.. and its easy to get a good. so focus mostly on the boos.

Token: R3 (Omega Mix)
How to unlock: Get a full combo on Lift Up to unlock R3 (Omega Mix)
Tip: practice lift up until your able to FC it. if you show no progress in your combo try using a different speed mod.

Token: Exotica
How to unlock: Get 200+ averages on Zodiac to unlock Exotica.
Tip: turn off the music and pretend i was on beat with averages.

Token: Syage
How to unlock: Get a combo of 600 or higher on Piano Etude (Demon Fire) to unlock Syage.
Tip: You can have a lot of skill, or during parts with loads of notes, mash.

Token: Judgement Days
How to unlock: Get the same number of goods, averages, misses, and boos (above 0) on Samurai Road to unlock Judgment Days.
Tip: set autofail to 1 miss. when the song starts, get a boo. Then on just the right arrow,s get a good and an average. Or you can play through the whole song counting the goods, averages, misses, and boos

Token: Crow Song
How to unlock: Get at least 20 more averages than goods and at least 150 more perfects than goods on Noir Remixed to unlock Crow Song.
Tip: just get some averages in the beginning where its easier, then try to AAA the song.

Token: Liquid Moon
How to unlock: Get at least 300 misses while having 10 or less boos on Tension to unlock Liquid Moon
Tip: Miss a lot, then build it back up, and repeat. Don't mash though

Token: Angelic Layer
How to unlock: Get at least 250 averages on Sepia to unlock Angelic Layer
Tip: just try sound off, and AAA with averages, it’s not that hard

Token: All of the World
How to unlock: Get a Full Combo on R3 (Omega Mix) with at least 650 perfects to unlock All of the World.
Tip: focus on getting perfects, and of course the FC. Should'nt be too hard.

Token: {Midnight}
How to unlock: Get 3 goods or less on {Rose} and Full Combo (with 0 averages or boos) to unlock {Midnight}.
Tip: practice this song over and over again

Token: Party 4 U v3
How to unlock: Get more boos than misses than averages than goods than perfects on Party 4 U v2 to unlock Party 4 U v3.
Tip: get 1 good , then 2 averages, miss 3, then boo out.

Token: Starman
How to unlock: Get a Full Combo on Super Mario 8-Bit Eighties with at least 160 goods and 10 or less perfects and averages to unlock Starman.
Tip: (1)this is one of the hardest skill tokens to get, one way you can do it is to turn the sound off, or when the arrow is just past the point where you are supposed to hit the note, right above the 4 arrows and where the screen cuts off, hit it there. Once again it’s extremely hard to get.
(2) Put speedmod to 2.0x and hit arrows 'late' because you have 2 'good' frames in the late side and only one in the 'early' side. (props for the 2nd tip go to Etylukah)

Token: Nippon Zenkoku GABA Ondo
How to unlock: Get under 1000 perfects and pass Pretty Green Onions to unlock Nippon Zenkoku GABA Ondo.
Tip: easiest way for me is to play 1 handed, if you play with one hand switch to 2 handed (like what I did)

Token: Frozen Bond
How to unlock: Get at least 2 average-misses on Improvisation et Chien while keeping your averages, boos, and misses all the same number and pass it to unlock Frozen Bond.
Tip: This token revolves around how well you play the song. I say give it a test run, see if you have to mash or not. Try getting 2 boos at the start, and tow averages, as well as two misses, if you get a boo/average/miss, you get the other two again before the song ends.

Token: EternuS
How to unlock: Pass Bicycle Break, Troglodytic Epica, Song for the Nihonjins, and Max Forever in a row in the listed order to unlock EternuS
Tip: Not hard, just beat them. Don't panic, they are easy.

Token: The Pylons Are TRAP BALLS
How to unlock: Get either 1 good or a AAA on All of the World to unlock The Pylons Are TRAP BALLS.
Tip: easy as that…

Token: Heavy Danger
How to unlock: Get a AAA on Free Space to unlock Heavy Danger
Tip: no comment.

Token: What-ever
How to unlock: Get a 400+ combo and pass Delirium to unlock What-ever
Tip: this I found hard to start with because of the background, and a lot of the notes are blue/red/yellow, and if you can’t fc challenging songs this token is going to be hard to get. You can try a speed mod but because of the background I think it just makes it harder

Token: {Satori} v2
How to unlock: Get less than 5 boos and 0 averages while passing Satori to unlock Satori v2
Tip: try a speed mod, but satori is a easy song, you can’t mash trough this

Token: lolharp5000
How to unlock: Pass Lawn Wake 4 with boos, misses, and averages all being within 5 of each other to unlock lolharp5000
Tip: don’t mash unless you really lucky, first time I got the token I got all boos, misses, and averages, around 120, I was very lucky, it all depends on hoew well you play the song

Token: Dawn
How to unlock: Get a FC with 546+ perfects on The Pylons Are TRAP BALLS to unlock Dawn
Tip: you can only get a maximum of 4 goods on this so set a speed mod and/or AutoFail

Token: Color of Giggles
How to unlock: Get a combo greater than 5x your goods, averages, misses, and boos combined on Vertex BETA, and pass, to unlock Color of Giggles
Tip: practice, it’s a lot easier than it sounds. After a while the song and the steps get annoying, so you can take a break from the song, then come back in a week or so to try it again. that always worked for me.

Token: Dance To Moroder
How to unlock: Pass From Mount Chrous with 15 or less averages to unlock Dance To Moroder
Tip: don’t mash, From Mount Chrous is one of the most annoying songs in the game (other than Trip to the Moon), but it is one of the easiest

Token: Angel Stays On This Ground
How to unlock: Get exactly 243 perfects with 0 goods, averages, misses, or boos on Water Like Pudding to unlock Angel Stays On This Ground
Tip: set the AutoFail to 243 perfects, then AAA the begining

How to unlock: Get a Full Combo on Brightone with 9 or less goods to unlock CAULI FLOWER
Tip: SDG brightone, you can try a speed mod

Token: ~Absolute Zero~
How to unlock: Get a total score of 0 on Fahrenheit while hitting only 1 arrow to unlock ~Absolute Zero~
Tip: set the AutoFail to 5 misses then hit the first step (it’s a double so only hit one of them)

Token: Otaku Speedvibe [Heavy]
How to unlock: Get a AAA on a public song with a difficulty of 65 to unlock Otaku Speedvibe [Heavy]
Tip: try Seven or AAA, those are the easiest for me

Token: Otaku Speedvibe [Oni]
How to unlock: AAA a For Masters Only song to unlock Otaku Speedvibe [Oni]
Tip: N/A

Token: Three Ring Nightfall
How to unlock: Pass Sonic 1 Final Zone to unlock Three Ring Nightfall
Tip: no camment

Token: Clash at the Mountains
How to unlock: Get a FC on Dawn with 788+ Perfects to unlock Clash at the Mountains
Tip: use a speed mod, that is all the advice I can give you (I got it on my 1st try)

Token: Disconnected
How to unlock: Pass Robotix with under 100 goods to unlock Disconnected
Tip: don’t mash, Robotix has a weird beat so that screw you up along the way

Token: Story of Snowman and Sunshine Girl v2
How to unlock: Get a Full Combo on Story of Snowman and Sunshine Girl with 0 boos to unlock Story of Snowman and Sunshine Girl v2
Tip: umm… don’t mash…

Token: ViennaCore
How to unlock: Get between 995 and 1005 combined perfects and goods on Classical Insanity with 0 misses and 2 or less averages and boos combined to unlock ViennaCore
Tip: set the AutoFail to 1 boo, 1 average, and 1 miss, when you come to a 1000 or so combo get a boo (the beginning was really hard for me), and practice

Token: Love Cheat!
How to unlock: Get a 500+ combo on Youkoso! Himitsu no suzume bara ya! to unlock Love Cheat!
Tip: Youkoso! Himitsu no suzume bara ya! is rated very difficult, so a 500 combo shouldn’t be too hard

How to unlock: Get a Full Combo with 9 or less goods on Clash at the Mountains to unlock PLANETZ
Tip: use a speed mod, that is all the advice I can give you (I got it on my 1st try)

Token: {Sunlight}
How to unlock: Get 1100+ boos on Silence while still passing to unlock {Sunlight}
Tip: bi, tri or quad mash works

Token: Binary Rendezvous
How to unlock: Get a Full Combo on Ruins with under 10 boos to unlock Binary Rendezvous
Tip: Ruins is one of my least favorite songs, so practice it with out mashing

Token: LunaMarionette
How to unlock: Get exactly 444 misses on Moonbeam with exactly 4 combo and under 440 perfects, and pass, to unlock LunaMarionette
Tip: All you need to do is hit all the arrows on the LEFT and the DOWN arrows

Token: Abyss (Downbeat Mix) *
How to unlock: Get your goods * averages* *misses * boos to be greater than 0 but less than 5000 on Horizon (and pass) to unlock Abyss (Downbeat Mix)
Tip: I don’t even know how I got this, just play throught the song with goods, averages, misses and boos above 0

Token: Mou Uta Shika Kikoenai
How to unlock: Get a Full Combo on PLANETZ to unlock Mou Uta Shika Kikoenai
Tip: use a speed mod, that is all the advice I can give you (I got it on my 1st try)

Token: Incognito v2
How to unlock: Pass Incognito with 150 or less goods and 40 or less misses to unlock Incognito v2
Tip: don’t mash, it’s not that hard

Token: Chinaman
How to unlock: Get a combo of 700+ on Prototypical to unlock Chinaman
Tip: no comment, it’s a “tricky” song

Sail AwaY
How to unlock: Full Combo Secret Zombie Room, Massive, and Breaking the Common in a row (in that order) to unlock Sail AwaY
Tip: these are all standard songs, not hard at all

Token: Stunt Flying (Sanxion7 Mix)
How to unlock: Get a Full Combo on Palindrome to unlock Stunt Flying (Sanxion7 Mix)
Tip: it is a song with a good beat, so try not to get caught up in the beat and focus on the steps

Token: Prelude to Rites
How to unlock: Get a combo of 250+ on Evil Approaches with 20 or less boos and 600+ perfects to unlock Prelude to Rites
Tip: this all depends on how well you can play the song, practice makes perfects

Token: Cold Breath
How to unlock: Get 600+ combo on Mercury Lamp (and pass) with 3 or less misses and boos to unlock Cold Breath
Tip: not hard at all, if you miss after the 400th note, you have to start over, there are note enough notes in the song

Token: Disconnected -mobius-
How to unlock: Get a AAA on Disconnected to unlock Disconnected -mobius-

Token: Made In Innocent
How to unlock: Get a FC with 9 or less goods on Below the Surface, Save Me, and Parachute in a row to unlock Made In Innocent
Tip: get good at AAA easy songs then go for this token

Token: Kyuin
How to unlock: Get a Full Combo on Mou Uta Shika Kikoenai with 4 or less goods, 0 averages, and 0 boos to unlock Kyuin
Tip: This was a hard one to get but all you need is patience. I tried a speed of 1.75 and set the auto-fail on to 5 goods, 1 average, 1 miss, and 1 boo. after each time I failed I tried to beat my previous combo and see how far I could get in the song.

Token: Distant Land
How to unlock: Get a 700+ combo on Hardcore of the North with 2 or less misses, 0 or 1 boos, 20 or less goods, and 0 or 1 averages to unlock Distant Land
Tip: Hardcore of the North is a level 8, not too hard to get, all you need to do is find the token

Token: Hatten Carnival! v2
How to unlock: Pass Hatten Carnival! with 550 or more perfects to unlock Hatten Carnival! v2
Tip: this is too easy, practice challenging songs to get better at songs like these

Token: Melonmans OP
How to unlock: Get a Black Flag or AAA on Jurs OP 3 times in a row to unlock Melonmans OP
Tip: stay cool if you get 1 or 2 AAA’s in a row (I have a problem with that)

Token: {Colossus}
How to unlock: Pass {Red Alert} with 300+ combo and 450+ perfects to unlock {Colossus}
Tip: there are a couple tricky parts, but other wise your are on your own

Token: MaxX AttaxX
How to unlock: Pass MAX Forever with a 500+ combo, 200 or less goods, 50 or less averages, 40 or less misses, and 100 or less boos to unlock MaxX AttaxX
Tip: don’t mash

Token: The Five
How to unlock: Get a Full Combo on Kyuin with 20 or less goods, 2 or less averages, and 2 or less boos to unlock The Five
Tip: Kyuin is an easy file to sight read, but if over played it becomes repetitive and harder to do well on, so take time off from the song and try again later, if that's not for you always keep trying!

Token: RainDrops v2
How to unlock: FC RainDrops with at least 463 perfects to unlock RainDrops v2
Tip: you have to either AAA or blackflag it, there are 464 steps

Token: Electro Rush x8 v2
How to unlock: FC Electro Rush x8 with at least 785 perfects and 0 boos to unlock Electro Rush x8 v2
Tip: practice makes perfects

Token: Sonata Quasi Una Fantasia Mov.3
How to unlock: Get an SDG (9 or less goods, 0 averages, 0 boos, FC) on Rondo Alla Turca and RAT v2 in a row (in that order) to unlock Sonata Quasi Una Fantasia
Tip: N/A

Token: Nanairopanda v2
How to unlock: Miss every yellow note and hit every other note on Nanairopanda and have no more than 5 goods or 5 boos and 0 averages (and pass) to unlock Nanairopanda v2
Tip: Just play and play the file with just one idea in your mind... "Yellow notes are really...really bad"
and one day...u will get it... all u need is patience...good luck...and remember... Yellow is BAD!!!
(credit goes to "woker-X")
Now for this token the worst you can do is 5-0-184-5, you must have your misses be the same as your combo, which should be 184 each. There is no easy way to gain this token because there is not pattern in which the yellow notes come, all you can do is watch out and distinguish the yellow notes for the others. There's a reason why only 100 people have unlocked it!

Token: Gacha Gacha Hertz Figu atto Radio
How to unlock: FC Gacha Gacha Cute Figu atto Mate with 1 or less goods, 1 or 0 boos, and 0 averages to unlock Gacha Gacha Hertz Figu atto Radio
Tip: it’s a very good stepfile so keep practicing, because it is still a level 10

Token: Tell v2
How to unlock: AAA Tell to unlock Tell v2
Tip: annoying to unlock, Tell has a couple of tricky parts to AAA in it

Token: Disconnected Hardkore
How to unlock: Pass Hardkore Atomic with 900+ combo and 20 or less boos to unlock Disconnected Hardkore
Tip: N/A

Token: Minute Waltz v2
How to unlock: Pass One Minute Waltz with under 100 boos to unlock Minute Waltz v2
Tip: pass it with out mashing, try a speed mod

Token: Token Whore
How to unlock: Unlock ST#1-99, then check levelrank.php to unlock Token Whore
Tip: How to unlock is self explanatory

*note* Try to learn to play 2 handed, I hear spread works well, along with index.
and use speed mods to improve your overall play
Also for all the people who unlocked the skill tokens with a "N/A" by them please post a tip, and i'll give you credit for the tip, and it will help me out*/note*

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at 11:03:59pm on 8/1/09
u have the whole story but were still just fing noptes
bobcatsvball writes...
at 12:41:23am on 8/1/09
we found note #3 if u want it
bobcatsvball writes...
at 11:40:10pm on 7/31/09
np im just happy it help and inspired u
bobcatsvball writes...
at 10:33:10pm on 7/24/09
kk np jw how were u inspired?
becca love writes...
at 6:00:14pm on 7/21/09
lol i love that song too.. duhh and cool i thought no one else knew about it eiter
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