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Posted on: July 25, 2008, at 01:46:39am

Gonna die in the FFR Tournament. Most annoying song ever for D1 (considering I'm a 1hander). Problems;

1) Vista
2) Lag
3) Crappy Keyboard
4) 1hand Evil Song

Solution; training spread like HELL for 4 days, go to a friend's place, and improve score. Goal; FC with under 40 goods. Damn, that's alot. I'll see what the others have.

Note; I'm in D1.

Damn, so close to vROFL. T_T

Well, just played it today. Got annoyed by spread being some lame playstyle, so I played with 1hand3finger again. Score; 54-2-0-2. Not too bad, considering everything up here...I think...

  1. You'll do it man! I've got no doubts in your ability. If i remember right you kicked my but in MP so that means you can kill this song!