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I'm humanly flawed in every single way. At least I appreciate music. I keep consistent and dedicated; mostly self motivated. I can take criticism well. Yet I over-analyze things, causing me to miss the big picture. Therefore, I don't think anything is safe, that's why I stop talking to people. I break what little ties I have with them and hurt the only ones who care enough to get close to me.
Wouldn't YOU like to know ;)
Fav Music:
When Amber Sleeps, No Love Lost, Forever In Fate, The Welcome Home, Make Me Famous, Skrillex, Protohype, Daladubz, Flinch, Damage, and King Fantastic.
Fav Movies:
Garden State, Thank You For Smoking, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Tron Legacy, and Marble Hornets.
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Posted on: April 21, 2011, at 12:01:12pm   [0 comments]

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graceluiz62 writes at 1:18:58pm on 10/21/11
My name is Grace i saw your profile today and i become interest in you,i will like to be your friend and know more about you, if you accept my friend request, here is my email reply me with my email. (graceluiz62@yahoo.com). so i can give you my picture,
thank you, Grace.
supermousie writes at 9:06:23pm on 4/21/11
Welcome to FFR, and nice profile! If you make a transparent header, you don't have to line the pixels up perfectly with the background.
rusty_spoons writes at 3:01:57pm on 4/21/11
I thoroughly enjoyed reading that "hi there I'm new" post of yours. So I thought I would come here and say hi personally, and I must admit that that background of yours is very nice. Well hope you have fun here, hope to see you around in the fourms and in MP :D
Patricoo writes at 2:10:10pm on 4/21/11
Welcome to FFR. Smile once in a while.
TBM18 writes at 2:34:14pm on 4/20/11
Heyo, what's up?