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Woah GG's Gameplay Stats Today
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What's up? I'm Wil... FUCK! I'm a gamer, lAzy, soccer fanatic, am 18 years old, love uh..not doing manual labor.. I'm learning to play the guitar, not good but I know a couple songs ^_^..and uh...anything else..just ask me I guess..
hangin out with my bst bros Rob (Wow GG/ No Mercy), Jeff, Anthony (TD_Greed), playing FFR and World of Warcraft and random/ stupid stuff..watching/ playing soccer..*too lazy to type anything else*
Fav Music:
AC/DC, AFI, Alien Ant Farm, Anberlin, A7x, Billy Talent, Breaking Benjamin BFMV, Cascada, Chevelle, Daft Punk, The Darkness, DHT, Disturbed, Dragonforce, Escape the Fate, Evanescence.. etc.. That's pretty much just the tip of the iceberg. :p
Fav Movies:
All the Austin Powers movies, Evan Almighty, Rush Hour movies..basically anything that's funny..
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Go me >:D!!
Posted on: September 29, 2007, at 02:17:34pm   [0 comments]
Woot, today, I broke teh 1 Billion mark for grandtotal :)!! Yes, I'm very proud of my countless hours used up to get brings me great joy lol.

Record Date
Posted on: September 27, 2007, at 03:47:00pm   [1 comment]
Today, I, Wil, teh_pwnerer (:D), Just broke the 100 FC mark :))) and..I've also AAA'd 7+ Songs, just today lol. Today is a good day indeed. :)

Posted on: September 14, 2007, at 10:36:09pm   [0 comments]
Yeah so.....I have no Idea what I wanted to put on here..But I wanted a random thought..So..I don't think it gets much randomer than forgeting what random thought you wanted everyone to know what you were thinking....If that makes sence. >:D

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hey bro give me your number?
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Did you set it to wombo?
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Second person to post on your wall.

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First person to post on your wall.