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Hey I'm 22. I have a little boy that's 2 named William. He's my world. Most of my friends say that I'm a guy trapped in a chicks body, but I like to be girly sometimes. Anything else you wanna know leave me a comment.
Being mommy, playing video games, anime, and drawing
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I listen to a little bit of everything
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The Last Unicorn and Legend
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EliDaNinja writes...
at 10:36:22am on 7/15/19
I wanna touch your butt :p
EliDaNinja writes...
at 4:43:59pm on 2/23/15
EliDaNinja writes...
at 3:07:10pm on 2/14/12
DubCoRe writes...
at 10:01:22pm on 1/25/12
Snoochie boochie <3
EliDaNinja writes...
at 3:45:48pm on 11/3/11
heres a great pic for yah <3 love yah
uknownsoldier writes...
at 3:50:11am on 9/27/11
made it back in one piece thank god :D... so how are you doin brandy ? hows life treating yah?
EliDaNinja writes...
at 11:26:27am on 9/10/11
i miss you D= i cant talk to u unless ur signed in on your phone =/. hope ur ok mom is back in the HSC she got really sick but shes better now being in there.
uknownsoldier writes...
at 11:37:40pm on 9/2/11
great to hear :) glad you doing alright.
uknownsoldier writes...
at 9:41:59am on 8/30/11
hello there brandy :) sorry that i have not been online pretty much at all i came on once to check a few things then logged. Just got back from my trip and im being sent out to work already until feb. so how are you doing ? hows life treating yah :P?
EliDaNinja writes...
at 2:43:54pm on 8/25/11
<3 you too :P i thought u might like that pic hehe
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