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AAaDKtDA - May 2012 Edition
Posted on: May 2, 2012, at 02:58:05pm

Gonna ramp it the detail a little bit. Maybe a short review and favorite songs.

5/1/12: ==FAILED== (watching too much Avatar huehue)
5/2/12: ==FAILED== (I am a true binge watcher)

[Gui Boratto] Chromophobia (2007) - Electronic, IDM, Minimal
Favorites: Beautiful Life, The Verdict

[The Reign of Kindo] This is What Happens (2010) - Progressive Rock, Jazz Rock, Indie
Favorites: Nightingale, Blistered Hands, Psalm

5/5/12: Cinco de Mayo!
[The Society Islands] Last Hero of the Western World (2010) - Psychedelic Rock, Folk, Indie
Favorites: Last Hero of the Western World, The Feud

5/6/12: wtf cogpsych
[The Reign of Kindo] This is Also What Happens (2010) - Arrange, Chiptune, 8-bit
Favorites: Bullets in the Air, Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Comfort in the Orchestration

5/7/12: REU program get (o:
[Silkie] City Limits Vol. 1 (2009) - Electronic, UK Garage, Dubstep
Favorites: Concrete Jungle, Quasar, Beauty

5/8/12: == FAILED == (no excuse rip)
[REL] Out of View (2012) - Hip Hop, Downtempo, Chillwave
Favorites: Lost Forwards, On My Way

[Utada Hikaru] Deep River (2002) - J-pop, R&B
Favorites: Deep River, Letters, Hikari

5/11/12: == FAILED == (festivities inc)

[MiddleIsland] 弦奏無彩色 (2012) - Neo-classical, Instrumental
Favorites: Achromat, Malvina tidy, Magnetic Shift

5/13/12: Mother's Day!
[Diverse System] AD:House (2012) - House, electronic, jazzy, idk a lot xd
Favorites: ララルトゥタ, Our Passion, Last Farewell

5/14/12: == FAILED == (Finals okay gimme a break)

[Shing02] 400 (2001) - J-Hip Hop
I wasn't really paying attention to finals, packing and shit (o:

5/16/12: happy bday xd
[Neon Trees] Habits (2010) - Indie rock, Pop/Alternative Rock
Favorites: Animal, 1983

5/17/12: == FAILED == (Diablo 3 oooomg)