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Hmm whats there to say... im just a normal dude, well i think. i know that im different than most people. im a little weird, and when i say little i mean alot. random is my name, not really its choy. well my last name at least. hate it when douchebags say there different but there actually the same as the other people who say there different but are all exactly the same. thats it.
hmm interest.... i dono my girlfriend. ffr. kinda. i suck i know shut up. computer alot. most people do. iono, work at pacsun, iono onomnarnodfn whatever.....bitch
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gnarles17 writes...
at 2:00:02pm on 6/27/08
ddr at your house?
THATGiRLOVES writes...
at 3:45:45pm on 6/21/08
i love your name.
adioboy writes...
at 8:55:04pm on 4/28/08
heyyy noo spank me
Sara12567 writes...
at 9:38:14am on 4/25/08
hahah thats funny :::DDD so true :D
yeaps so wats up?
adioboy writes...
at 8:28:15pm on 4/22/08
thats that site i was telling about
gnarles17 writes...
at 6:27:46pm on 4/22/08
big bad john.
Sara12567 writes...
at 10:46:03am on 4/19/08
Hahahah thats funny :DD
whiteneese :DD
ne wayz so how are you?
annie_S2 writes...
at 10:23:09pm on 4/17/08
your default is really cute =)
nice smile
metalnddrizeffinlyf6661 writes...
at 12:47:43am on 4/12/08
hey is this Edwin? that goes to bush high? n goes out w/ alexis?
If not sry my bad.
♥Layloo writes...
at 8:03:59pm on 4/2/08
hii nice profile pic im voting for you. im makenzie.
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