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About me:
I don't really do much but sit around on the computer all day listening to music and playing guitar. I'm in a symphonic death metal/technical death metal/progressive metal band called Ephidel. We have tons of songs written, but have yet to record them. I do pretty much all of the songwriting and musical composition, and there's only one other band member at the moment...we need a female singer to join though, since we need one to do opraic vocals. As you can see, I'm a huge nerd. Ftw.
Guitar, Music, Computer, Video Games...I write lyrics and music, everyone I know thinks I have an amazing natural talent at composing music. I also write lyrics...I kick ass o_O
Fav Music:
To name a few............ 3 Inches Of Blood<br> Acheron<br> After Forever<br> Agent Steel<br> Alice Cooper<br> Amon Amarth<br> Amorphis<br> Anacrusis<br> Andy McKee<br> Annihilator<br> Anthrax<br> Arch Enemy<br> Armored Saint<br> Atheist<br> <b>Ayreon</b><br> Bach<br> Bathory<br> Beethoven<br> <b>Behemoth</b><br> Belphegor<br> Between The Buried And Me<br> Beyond Fear<br> <b>Biomechanical</b><br> Black Label Society<br> Black Sabbath<br> Blind Guardian<br> Bloodbath<br> Bloodline<br> Bolt Thrower<br> Buckethead<br> Burden Of Grief<br> Burzum<br> Candlemass<br> Cannibal Corpse<br> Carcass<br> Catacombs<br> Cattle Decapitation<br> Cellador<br> <b>Children Of Bodom</b><br> Chris Impelletteri<br> cornandbeans<br> Cryptopsy<br> Damageplan<br> Danzig<br> Dark Angel<br> Dark Tranquility<br> Death<br> Death Angel<br> Decapitated<br> Deicide<br> Demons & Wizards<br> Destroy Destroy Destroy<br> <b>Dethklok</b><br> Dimmu Borgir<br> Dio<br> <b>Disarmonia Mundi</b><br> DJ Sharpnel<br> Dokken<br> Domain<br> Dominici<br> Down<br> Draconian<br> <b>Dragonforce</b><br> Dragonland<br> Dragonlord<br> Dream Evil<br> <b>Dream Theater</b><br> Dying Fetus<br> Earth<br> Edguy<br> Electric Hellfire Club<br> Emperor<br> Ensiferum<br> Epidemic<br> Eternal Tears Of Sorrow<br> Evergrey<br> Exodus<br> Extol<br> Fates Warning<br> Fear Factory<br> Final Breath<br> Finntroll<br> Firewind<br> Flotsam & Jetsam<br> Force Of Evil<br> Freedom Call<br> Gamma Ray<br> George Lynch<br> God Dethroned<br> Guns 'n' Roses<br> Hammerfall<br> Helloween<br> Hibria<br> Hollenthon<br> Icarus Witch<br> Iced Earth<br> Imperanon<br> <b>In Flames</b><br> In The Woods...<br> <b>Into Eternity</b><br> Into The Moat<br> Iron Maiden<br> James Labrie<br> Joe Satriani<br> Judas Priest<br> Kamelot<br> Katatonia<br> KISS<br> Kreator<br> Lamb Of God<br> Leviathan<br> Machine Head<br> Manowar<br> Mayhem<br> <b>Megadeth</b><br> Meshuggah<br> Metallica<br> Michael Angelo Batio<br> Mindflow<br> Mindless Self Indulgence<br> Ministry<br> Morbid Angel<br> Mors Principium Est<br> Mortician<br> Motörhead<br> Mozart<br> Mr. Big<br> Mushroomhead<br> Napalm Death<br> Necronomicon<br> <b>Necrophagist</b><br> Necrophobic<br> Negator<br> <b>Nevermore</b><br> <b>Nightwish</b><br> <b>Nile</b><br> Nitro<br> <b>Nobou Uematsu</b><br> Nocturnal Rites<br> Norther<br> Nuclear Assault<br> Obituary<br> <b>Opeth</b><br> Opera IX<br> Overkill<br> Outworld<br> Ozzy Osbourne<br> Paganini<br> Pagan's Mind<br> Pain Of Salvation<br> Pantera<br> Paradise Lost<br> Paragon<br> Planet X<br> Power Quest<br> Queensryche<br> Quiet Riot<br> Racer X<br> Rammstein<br> <b>Rhapsody</b><br> Roadrunner United<br> Rusty Cooley<br> Samael<br> Savatage<br> Sepultura<br> Shadows Fall<br> Shattersphere<br> Six Feet Under<br> Slaughter<br> Slayer<br> Soilwork<br> Sonata Arctica<br> Soulburner<br> Speed. Kill. Hate.<br> Spinal Tap<br> Spock's Beard<br> Steve Vai<br> Stormwarrior<br> <b>Strapping Young Lad</b><br> Stratovarius<br> Superjoint Ritual<br> <b>Symphony X</b><br> Tchaikovsky<br> Tool<br> Torture Killer<br> Trivium<br> The County Medical Examiners<br> The Great Kat<br> The Mars Volta<br> The Ocean<br> The Red Chord<br> <b>Therion</b><br> Through The Eyes Of The Dead<br> Thunderstone<br> Toshiro Masuda<br> Turmion Kätilöt<br> Twilightning<br> Twisted Tower Dire<br> Type O Negative<br> Unearth<br> <b>Vader</b><br> Van Halen<br> Velvet Revolver<br> Venom<br> Vince LuPone<br> Vinnie Moore<br> Visions Of Atlantis<br> Vivaldi<br> Warmen<br> WASP<br> Wavanova<br> Wehrwolfe<br> Wintersun<br> Wizard<br> Wolven Ancestry<br> Yngwie Malmsteen<br> Zaghurim
Fav Movies:
300<br> Borat<br> Beerfest<br> Saw I, II, III<br> Hostel<br> Kill Bill<br> Kill Bill 2<br> Pulp Fiction<br> Grindhouse<br> The Matrix<br> Matrix Reloaded<br> Matrix Revolutions<br> Animatrix<br> Any Star Wars Movie<br> Serenity<br> Minority Report<br> The Exorcist<br> Dawn Of The Dead<br> Land Of The Dead<br> Resident Evil<br> Resident Evil Apocalypse<br> The Omen<br> This Is Spinal Tap<br> Austin Powers 1, 2 , and 3<br> Old School<br> Talledega Nights<br> Anchorman<br> Superman Returns<br> Spiderman 1 & 2<br> Snakes On A Plane<br> The Departed<br> Blood Diamond<br> Crank<br> Crash<br> Various 007 Movies<br> Bill & Ted's Movies<br> South Park The Movie<br> Team America<br> The Aristocrats<br> The Truman Show<br> No Limits (lolz...)<br>..... <i>There's more but I'm too lazy to think of them...</i>
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Stepmania Videos Now Available LOL
Posted on: July 21, 2007, at 04:25:44pm   [1 comment]
First Stepmania video of mine is now up. It's a video of all my incomplete and under construction files being played on demo mode. It's a little preview of what I'm working on if you like my simfiles I suppose. You can see it here:

Posted on: September 1, 2006, at 07:45:02pm   [1 comment]
They're awesome and stuff o_O If you want me to make you a simfile, just post on my wall here with the song name and I'll see what I can do...I generally make metal simfiles, but I could do other stuff too...

Comment wall
Charlo writes...
at 9:09:41pm on 8/27/11
I don't know if you're still active Stepmania-wise, but I just saw your list of favorite music and had to comment, there are some great bands there. Nice taste!
If you're still playing Stepmania, you might want to check out my simfiles, since our music tastes are pretty similar:
Sidek writes...
at 6:37:04pm on 6/9/11
i need your simfiles and Dethklok's Pack Re-upload please D:
oh wow MP Lv:20 :P
revolutionomega writes...
at 7:01:19pm on 9/7/09
yo can u mirror the dethklok pack? the link doesn't work...
p.s. long time no see buddy
Virus881 writes...
at 12:17:07pm on 7/13/09
Hey, where can I get some of your band songs? I like progressive and thrash metal.
stepmaniafin writes...
at 1:22:10am on 6/25/09
hello! how's it going? if u like cannibal corpse, then download my song hammer smashed face from cannibal corpse x) btw u done any new songs?
Virus881 writes...
at 11:28:11pm on 6/16/09
Hey, it would be hard to find a metal group that isn't in your list xD
stepmaniafin writes...
at 10:04:12am on 11/5/08
go check my new song "nemesis" from arch enemy x)
Joe D writes...
at 9:45:48pm on 9/7/08
Hey dude im sorry but ur ims aren't that great I downloaded sum of ur old sims and rate most of them like a 6.could u make me a God of Ice from dragonforce and My friend Lazarus sleeps from Iam Ghost sim an Ill c if there good.Why don't u chek my sims
Joe D writes...
at 8:33:39pm on 8/27/08
Dude u have cool hair
YukiRamaro writes...
at 6:42:20pm on 1/25/08
Nice music list you got going there!
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