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Just an average Joe. FFR has always been an on and off hobby.
Playing guitar is always fun
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Anything but mainstream fag shit.
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Ignore that URL. Add me on FB. Joel Pursifull is the name
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mrpreggers writes...
at 12:11:31pm on 5/11/13
justin_ator writes...
at 6:38:49pm on 12/10/11
Is trolling yo life? ****in loser!
lol if the community doesn't mean shit to you don't bother posting in it :]
Ksl33zy24 writes...
at 2:41:16pm on 1/22/11
warnguns, heck yes!
devonin writes...
at 7:28:25pm on 12/10/10
I have no idea what you're talking about.
dorama writes...
at 3:51:17pm on 5/15/08
finally banned
Mapleleaf2102 writes...
at 11:43:30am on 12/23/07
sorry for being all bitchy about thAT. I had a rough day, man, you could not believe. sorry, I didn't mean any off that. if you want, I'll thumbs up your profile. I don't expect you to return the favor, because of what I've done. I'm totally sorry...
~your friend, Mapleleaf2102, if you accept my apology and my friend request.
Mapleleaf2102 writes...
at 4:41:32pm on 12/22/07
WarNGuns, about that comment on the kid's vid, you have no right to say that since you made a Freckin FFR account meaning you play keyboard FFR too asshole. Look at your rank, man, 160, shit, you must be very proud of mastering a computer game. Also, Many of the users hear play DDR too. I play DDR and Pump it up AND FFR, and all you do is bitch around the site. you waste valuable space on this site.
AizenHikari writes...
at 3:09:01pm on 11/29/07
Yeah i know i had to add it in since my recorder was being gay
RB_Dreamscanner writes...
at 3:16:26pm on 10/8/07
yea, www.flashflashrevolution.com/FFRndanotherway.swf
v0lcom writes...
at 9:30:48pm on 9/19/07
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