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I suck at everything.
Sucking at things.
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Troll 1 and Troll 2.
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FirstMaple8 writes at 9:34:25pm on 11/20/17
what about sample on smile?
Travis_Flesher writes at 11:38:05pm on 10/30/17
i made a new rock song pack wally my man u should check it out.. the hardest one i've done yet.. deftones thread its money my dude i got you..
Travis_Flesher writes at 4:29:14pm on 10/22/17
FirstMaple8 writes at 12:59:06pm on 9/30/17
Sanjixcon writes at 7:22:26pm on 7/27/17
Dinglesberry writes at 1:45:12pm on 6/9/17
im still ur biggest fan
Dinglesberry writes at 9:50:15pm on 10/9/16
"To get better you need to player more challenging songs. Through pushing myself by exclusively playing mina charts at high rates, I have become the epitome of the perfect stepmania player - my brain has adapted for the optimal processing of patterns. I can consistently play jumpstream at a rate of 54 notes per second - for all you unenlightened players, this is equivalent to 32nd note jumpstream at 600bpm. STILL CANT JACK THO
-Real Walrus quote ;D
Dinglesberry writes at 9:00:32am on 9/25/16
Walrusizer im ur biggest fan
evil smoke writes at 5:02:59pm on 7/26/16
That FFR rank of yours is skyrocketing down Mr. Walrus... I'm getting scared
_DJ Vinyl_ writes at 11:45:21pm on 7/16/16
c'mon keep hitting those arrows take it to the top 8