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Sidek writes...
at 3:47:25pm on 8/17/16
what happend to you? i have long time no see you playing on smo or at least doing broadcast on twitch you got retired from stepmania?
AngelPuppy25 writes...
at 7:55:22pm on 1/15/16
i like your picture xD
Herkkupala writes...
at 2:11:30pm on 1/15/16
Could you please check your Private messages? :-D
Contrapasso writes...
at 9:26:48pm on 11/25/15
sweg hope ur having a good vacation
Contrapasso writes...
at 9:19:02pm on 11/25/15
yo, if I send you a pastebin with a post and reviews, would you post it or do you want me to wait until my ban is up
ps my profile is open now so u can reply if u want
Contrapasso writes...
at 9:21:12pm on 11/23/15
guess who
will post the whole review when i get unbanned
NeonSM writes...
at 10:41:15am on 2/16/15
Candor writes...
at 6:31:27pm on 2/9/15
Thanks, I can almost AA Mmmmm 1.1, ill try to get it by the end of this week!!
Ikaros- writes...
at 4:20:16am on 12/23/14
Herogashix writes...
at 11:24:48am on 9/25/14
your fuckin' avatar lmfao
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