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Blasstok writes at 3:12:39am on 5/9/18
It's been a long time since I had a nice chat like the one we had today.
I'm really pleased to meet you.
Thank you for everything.
ifeelit writes at 11:17:50am on 8/11/17
no prob !! nice accuracy btw. most of your top tens are some long ass files. I always choke pretty hard on longer files rip
ifeelit writes at 8:15:57am on 8/9/17
congrats on 1600 AAAs!
thedragongal writes at 8:12:00am on 7/18/17
No problem!
MarcusHawkins writes at 10:17:21pm on 7/8/17
England was actually the first country I traveled to! So I guess that means you would've had a shot to see me, but didn't. I saw the Lion King there, though! And thanks for the welcome!
MarcusHawkins writes at 12:29:05pm on 6/15/17
I have no idea, as I go for token AAAs as well as public AAAs! 1337 public maybe?! :P I also do hope to continue to improve on the skill level that I am at now, so that number will hopefully rise!
MarcusHawkins writes at 6:49:39pm on 6/14/17
Congrats on your really noteworthy accomplishment of 1,500 public! Obviously, this means you have at least 1,600 overall, right?
Either way, this really makes me want to work a bit harder at getting the AAA milestone that I want to achieve!
sskyle227 writes at 10:42:31pm on 6/10/17
You're welcome good sir!
Wayward Vagabond writes at 10:41:15pm on 5/20/17
yeah it's always great to see people that i remember still playing the game. I've pretty much just been working and enjoying life. I stopped stepping/playing for a bit but im back. What;ve you been up to?
Wayward Vagabond writes at 8:39:46pm on 5/20/17
Pretty cool to see that you're still arounf