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I FC'd not one but TWO lvl 41 songs??! HOW?
Posted on: February 15, 2019, at 07:56:15pm   [0 comments]
Today Bamalama really pushed me to become a better FFR player than I thought I was. Earlier this noon, he had me play two lvl 41 songs that I never played before and viola I FC'd them both! I'm like whaaaaa?? Because I'm still lvl 25 and can't even FC some 20's songs :O !!

Less Talk More Rokk was the very first 41 song I ever FC'd, never saw that coming at all :O

On Pointless Fast Rap I made all perfects and goods, no boos or avgs. What in the world!!

The 4 20's songs I've been struggling to FC are:


-Back to the Gate

-Rill Rill Remix

-HOOT Remix

I also unlocked two other 20's songs today with Bama but I think I can FC them easily :P hopefully. They're Abyss (Downbeat Mix) and Agenda X

My only goal for 2019 on FFR
Posted on: January 20, 2019, at 04:10:30pm   [2 comments]
Is to FC {Blaze}

First 1000 combo FC lawl
Posted on: December 27, 2012, at 11:32:16am   [0 comments]
Shiro told me about getting my first 1000 combo FC bc I was working on FC'ing Cash Cow (I know I'm not that good okay -_- lol) but it turns out I already FC'd Chase You Down yesterday which is 1270 notes long lolol. So yeah, my first 1000 combo FC, yay! C:

First AAA!
Posted on: April 3, 2012, at 09:16:07pm   [6 comments]
Woohoo, first AAA today on TWILT after some encouragement from Shiro xDD;

Comment wall
mellybear! writes...
at 5:07:59pm on 10/28/19
rofl !!!! my bad my bad !! i been KILLEN this game called osu !!!
Coke~ writes...
at 7:09:07pm on 9/6/19
Sorry! I bumped you down to the danger zone!. come back up!
Coke~ writes...
at 10:47:25pm on 8/11/19
I got 8 goods]: going for the AAA though!
Lycostria writes...
at 7:05:27am on 6/13/19
Lycostria writes...
at 7:05:03am on 6/13/19
Yep! I played it again recently and finally beat it after last playing it tears ago haha. I did get a happyish ending, but it was also sad at the same time.
Drayk writes...
at 12:34:02am on 6/10/19
Been awhile? How you been? ^_^
mellybear! writes...
at 4:52:13pm on 3/30/19
dont even worry about it love !!!! sorry for the late reply i go some days sometimes without being on here xD hope you have a great weekend !
Lycostria writes...
at 4:25:08am on 1/20/19
Good luck!
mellybear! writes...
at 9:40:35am on 2/26/14
everything is okay... just so darn busy with school!!! how are things with you ? :) and it's okay =]]
mellybear! writes...
at 3:13:10am on 8/26/13
I did graduate !!!! omg omg and YES I did make it ((((: <3333 ahah I start college at the end of sept... -___- though they already messed up my schedule D""": lolol IM FANTASTICCC how are you??? <33 I miss yu too D": its been forever D":
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