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Hey my name is Rhea Rhead i live in Colorado i lov eto skateboard and snowboard im a snowmobile racer and im also a MLG gamer for xbox 360 CALL OF DUTY 4 ... i cant live WITHOUT my cell phone itouch yahoo and SKULLCANDY headphones i love my friends they are everything to me if you dont like them then FUCK OFF cause no guy comes between us (: i naturally am blonde sorry to say im really smart just i have my moments i dont take anything serious i dont date i dye my hair brown ... I LOVE SNOW.. HATE SUMMER.. well thats preety much my life (: bye
[snowboarding] [xbox] [skating] [snowmobiling] [friends] [guys]
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sex drive :]
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imaboob2 writes...
at 5:57:34pm on 11/23/09
yo whats upp long time man
Justyy writes...
at 11:12:50am on 11/6/09
heyy,whats your gamertag:)
Deceptive writes...
at 5:43:17pm on 11/4/09
meh yeah, but i never play;;
and besides, i don't play COD or GOW or Halo.
i play rythm games
Deceptive writes...
at 9:35:24pm on 11/3/09
after reading your about me, you have to be the coolest girl in the world(:
melodyz writes...
at 8:19:26pm on 11/3/09
i love it =]
melodyz writes...
at 8:17:00pm on 11/3/09
thank you =]
melodyz writes...
at 6:54:28pm on 10/30/09
:o welcum
melodyz writes...
at 8:16:11pm on 10/20/09
my gosh i wanna steal your eyes !!
-Osiris- writes...
at 12:52:35am on 10/10/09
sorry im not hot enough to keep you entertained. ;]
-Osiris- writes...
at 2:15:32pm on 10/8/09
I know,i txt'ed you back.
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