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Hey my name's Sara and I'm a pretty shy person(but i'm working on it) and don't really expect too much from me in person.... mostly because i have no idea what to talk about in the first place... I'm on myspace way more than this so check me out there although if its in the morning im on this cuz i can get on first period! :D
Drumming(i want to learn the drumset but all i know is marching percussion), video games,music(my life would be shit without it)
Fav Music:
I like too many bands to name them all just ask me if i like a specific band and if i haven't heard of them burn me a cd!
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Oni_Ryoushi writes...
at 6:00:41pm on 8/9/08
lol wow
yea I don't get on here very much...
Oni_Ryoushi writes...
at 12:33:50pm on 5/7/08
What proxy do you use to get on myspace at school?
foxmccloudsr writes...
at 12:50:47pm on 4/1/08
MetallicBlood writes...
at 12:06:52pm on 4/1/08
Thanks. ^_________^
foxmccloudsr writes...
at 11:12:33am on 4/1/08
no i dont
foxmccloudsr writes...
at 11:04:48am on 4/1/08
foxmccloudsr writes...
at 11:00:25am on 4/1/08
its noon where i am LOL
foxmccloudsr writes...
at 10:56:08am on 4/1/08
Shalaylie22 writes...
at 10:48:10am on 4/1/08
yep and I am gonna go work on it right now!
foxmccloudsr writes...
at 10:42:57am on 4/1/08
good and you
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