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toy story 4 was a good movie
Posted on: June 22, 2019, at 07:38:42am   [1 comment]
srsly i think it was better than the first 3, I dont remember the other ones making me feel things like this one did :v

Well, it's been a slow climb...
Posted on: February 7, 2019, at 05:02:08pm   [1 comment]
coming up on my first million listens on soundcloud yey

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Xeraphus writes...
at 7:14:16pm on 11/10/19
wink wonk
xXOpkillerXx writes...
at 7:30:28pm on 11/6/19
If you mean avrank, it's just because he hasnt played all files lol
Josemba writes...
at 7:34:37am on 11/6/19
Wormix the producer
Eli Way writes...
at 7:51:06pm on 11/4/19
Waddap daddy
FirstMaple8 writes...
at 3:15:18pm on 10/29/19
U rememeber that "Respect" file lmao? Do u remember what pack that's in or if it's even in a pack?
Hakulyte writes...
at 8:02:14pm on 10/27/19
Play Illusions of Magic on 1.337 rate for the Haku sightread.
Hakulyte writes...
at 7:36:53pm on 10/27/19
I AAA'd 3.5 rate if you're wondering. Otherwise, I have some buddy to catch up in other stats.
Blackskull305 writes...
at 6:41:07pm on 10/20/19
o shit!! nice track man, you really captured the vibe 8u
Drayk writes...
at 10:38:26pm on 10/11/19
Drayk writes...
at 10:38:07pm on 10/11/19
Thanks dude!! Also your profile picture is awesome haha Brinster from Super Metroid, nice, nice, love that game sooooo much :D :D :D
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