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D4's assrammer.
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Metal m/
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I suck at writing interesting things in my profile
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AMD writes at 12:17:33am on 9/3/18
Thank you! I'm not going to play VS Boss Battle again anytime in the near future, that's for sure!
TheGreenBastard writes at 8:03:24pm on 6/25/18
senpai <3
Dinglesberry writes at 12:54:53pm on 6/7/17
bruh lets meet up and play some gay ass arrow game
Travis_Flesher writes at 11:59:20pm on 5/9/17
thank you for profile vote
Spenner writes at 11:43:49pm on 5/5/17
Tomorrow... I have a dinner with guests that's happening tomorrow : x I actually haven't met up with some londoners in awhile, been meaning to though. Sometime we need a london gathering.
Celirra writes at 10:19:14pm on 5/5/17
I'm movin stuff to my new apartment tomorrow, and Sunday is probably a write off too
maybe next week aye
Spenner writes at 9:53:06pm on 5/5/17
Oh shit that's a large dose of the past all in 5 characters. :o cool. I must have known at some point but quickly forgot haha.
Spenner writes at 8:17:56pm on 5/5/17
Lol. WHATSUP. You've been a londoner this whole time and I forgot eh. Convenient. But you've been found.
ifeelit writes at 1:59:34pm on 5/4/17
low judge, cant help it
ifeelit writes at 6:11:59am on 5/1/17
i feel im like a newbie super sayian that cant control my power yet