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13th Official Tournament Log D6 + D7 + D8
Posted on: June 28, 2020, at 03:25:21pm

Division - Division 6, Ghosting D7, EDIT: Ghosting D8!!
Goal - ?

Pre Thoughts: Oh boy lucky number 13th OT time. As if the Nerves Counter wasn't exploding before this, the OT is gonna make that counter SKYROCKET. Idk how to feel this OT, i've definitely improved since the last OT and i feel like the only way i'm gonna be eliminated this tournament if i get unlucky with song patterns or the songs being too easy hehe but we'll see huh. It was looking hopeful that the past D6 tournament i technically got 1st that tournament but got cucked by Cest What. Lets see if this OT will replicate that (Hopefully not :P).
On the other end, who knows what division i'll really get put into; Lvl 92 btw!111 at the time posting this.

As always, Nerves are overpowered and most of all, best of luck to my friends (Met some amazing people overtime).


Round 1: kiss the sexy robot ultimate championship 201X!!!
Final score: Blackflag
Pretty banger of a song, after watching the preview i just knew how awkward the Vis-Cracked wannabe awkward anchors would be about quarter in. Sightread was like 6,0,2,0. Was pretty sus about the misses but most of the goods were from the awkward anchors lol. 2nd run around was 5,0,0,2 again all on the awkward anchors. After iso'ing it and getting the feel of it, i gave it another run and got 1,0,1,2 cue the nerves! Thankfully i kept it together throughout and only ate 1 boo. The miss and good were both random but yeah improvement, dont think it would've mattered since its just round 1 but there ya go.

EDIT: During warmup got a Blackflag. Thank you rando goods even after holding it together through nerves, oh well maybe AAA if i feel like playing it again which sure since its a banger.

D7 Round 1: Inferno of Fomalhaut
Final score: 11,0,0,1
Well the patterns especially the 13 2 13 pattern near the end is totally out of my comfort zone and everyone is already high SDG'ing this. Sightread was something like 17,0,2,2 don't really remember how the run went but i can offically say we have our first nerves killed run with a 11,0,0,1 ALL at the end (AAA up till about 200 notes left). Imagine being more nervous in a division that's not even yours compared to your own division file.

BONUS: D8 Round 1: G e n g a o z o
Final score: 22,2,6,2
Why the heck not? Apparently people we're saying how good my score was even though personally i didnt think it was that good (I guess my lack of self esteem is showing.) Pretty much how i describe this song is Almost There but with no filler inbetween the 32nds. Anyway on with the scores, SR which is still my pb as i'm writing this. 22,2,6,2 Pretty much dropped everything on the 32nd parts. I had a period of not being able to get close to my SR PB but after a couple tries i'm getting close, i know i can pb it. Gimme a skillboost and i can prob take on D8 too hehe :P.


Intermission: It's just the first round. Not much going on, i still yet to get a "green hue" aka AAA on this account (I say this account because my 1 handed account did get AAA's in the Rusty Tournament). I can say that this is the highest placement i've stayed in for a whole round, tied for 3rd. But obviously its just the 1st round. Still in on D7 too. Obviously eliminated in D8 but i'll keep ghosting that too probably until the songs become unplayable for me lol. Here's to round 2!


Round 2: Raspberry Railgun
Loool my sightread was hilarious at first, literally got nervous before even starting the song and started to lose composure around 300 notes in. After warming up with the D8 file (Pretty weird huh) i decided to give it another go and actually ended up with a 3,0,1,1. Everything was on my part and i was kinda surprised since everyone in D6 was kinda freaked with this song and i dont blame them. I'll probably improve this.
EDIT: 4,0,0,2. Accidentally played with mirror on but decided to go with it, so many runs died to nerves before this one, gonna keep trying to improve.

D7 Round 2: The Glorious (Final Sketch Remix)
Wow this and D8's song this round are very nice, i like them, as for this song though it can be tough because there's obligratory nerves but my main problem is getting hella rando goods. Sightread was 17,0,1,1 even though i feel like i had a SDG on that, 2nd time around i got 13,0,0,1. I don't feel safe right now but i can improve, i'm getting the hang of the trills now.

D8 Round 2: Brrrreeed Cicadididi
Watching this on preview i thought the notes would be really condensed but it's pretty comfortable actually, the only hard part for me would be the middle part, there are some gnarly one handed patterns that can mess with me. I can see what people mean by awkward patterns, it definitely is an awkward file but i really like it. Sightread was like 50 raw couple of runs later ended up with 31,1,1,4, I literally got nervous on the d8 file lol feelsbadman.


  1. Crush it in D6 for me :)

  2. Good luck in the OT!