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Ill uber pwn yee!!!
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Toxophilis writes...
at 10:37:48pm on 8/5/14
Congratulations on being the noobiest noob on FFR. In honor of your accomplishments we would like to offer you a special prize, assuming you will use it everyday. We are giving you a life :D!!!! Now you can stop sitting around being an FFR noob and get out into the world and try your luck at something else because believe me you suck at FFR :)! Congratulations and have a wonderful day and a happy new year.
jarsh writes...
at 9:25:41pm on 3/27/13
jarsh writes...
at 8:44:08pm on 3/18/13
Where ya been, mad scrubb? You better start playing again so you can catch up to my grand total lmao.
Micah_ writes...
at 5:48:04pm on 3/1/13
Haha I may not win this one. Rarity is really good.
Micah_ writes...
at 1:52:44pm on 3/1/13
haha thanks. I will do my best... first I have to win this official :P
Micah_ writes...
at 11:18:29am on 3/1/13
Nah, I switched before the tournament because I could only FC 50s and below with 3 fingers. haha.
Micah_ writes...
at 10:05:09am on 3/1/13
Hey dude! Haha yeah ill have to catch up so we can duel. Are you doing the official tournament?
jarsh writes...
at 1:20:24pm on 1/9/13
............| \
...\___ A BOAT_____/
which probably makes you pretty angry. I'd be pissed too.
Fucker came out of nowhere.
jarsh writes...
at 7:25:19pm on 8/20/12
Hey, mad scrubb, where ya been?
Ghosts N Goblins writes...
at 10:25:14am on 5/25/12
lol bro i never said i played WoW you mad scrubb mann kid goes HARD on ffr lmao fukin 5people online every week little kiddy game for scrubs like you eheheheheh GG bro tryhard
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