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Adamaja456 writes...
at 8:30:23am on 9/6/14
youre a sexy beast! send me the VC link again! ill try to find time to lurk there i promise! omnonmnonoomonoon your face <3
KtCatastrophic writes...
at 10:53:07am on 8/5/14
ilyilyilyily imyimyimyimy
DevoninTheFaggot writes...
at 12:58:14pm on 7/22/14
You're a stupid slut =D
flashpantss writes...
at 8:45:36pm on 6/25/14
such a sexy photo
Adamaja456 writes...
at 4:38:58pm on 6/25/14
haha thats great! :p yea ill try to stop by sometime! been so busy lately trying to finish the addition my mom and i have been building, shit is just so hectic!
Arch0wl writes...
at 6:52:36pm on 6/15/14
what is a "UUA"
Adamaja456 writes...
at 12:42:36pm on 6/13/14
yea id feel the same way for sure lol. aww :)) <3!! yea ill definitely try to make a habit of showing there when i can :) the little boy is Landon who is my nephew and who just turned 4 actually today! haha my oldest sister who lives in utah has him, and she actually just had another baby so if you look at my recent picture album where im holding a baby, thats her newest one named thomas. not to be confused with my other sister who is 2 years younger than oldest sister who just had a baby in jan. and she lives like 5 minutes away from us so the plump little girl im holding in various pictures is named sophia. not my babies, my sisters babies! haha
Adamaja456 writes...
at 7:18:47am on 6/12/14
haha EXACTLY. i remember when that person on tumblr told me thats how she was getting followers, all i could think of was who unbelievably stupid that was and its no wonder she continues to have people unfollow her. i think that my problem with like anything that involve a numerical value... lol i can grow attached to the slow progression of numbers. im sure its not as bad as though pages where people write shotty inspirational quotes on paint samples and have like 400,000 followers but still lol i missed you.
Adamaja456 writes...
at 7:24:05am on 6/11/14
yea i guess it just depends. really stupid though, ive had friends that use those lame 'get 1000 followers from this site' thing similar to what myspace had to easily get an insane amount of followers. anyways this girl told me that she basically just loses followers everyday and its like, no shit. you follow a random blog and then dont enjoy its content lol the thing i do like about mine is people follow cause they have too. also the biggest time consuming thing that i have to do is after i finish a book, the time i have to take to transcribe every single quote into a draft lol that takes a while. but i guess its worth it?? for whatever reason, i have a deep seeded hatred for those pictures of people holding a starbucks drink, or literally any juice drink, and it have like 300,000 notes. lol wat
Adamaja456 writes...
at 3:06:14pm on 6/10/14
haha gotta take it with a grain of salt though, sort of like ffr or anything else, you reach a point where it becomes less fun and more of a job like you 'have to' do daily uploads. if i dont i feel like im letting my followers down so if i miss i day, im kind of like, SHIT SHIT SHIT NOBODY WANTS TO FOLLOW ME NOW I SUCK. lol i dunno, its a weird mentality. but i think itd be more fun if tumblr just didnt tell you your follower number ya know? maybe? haha i dunno
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