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I am xptrippynessxd. This is a new name I will eventually be switching to.
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CAFK writes...
at 1:04:37pm on 3/11/09
yes you do don't deny it i know you know what they are.
and i totally like
spammed your wall
with my username n stuff.
woo hoo. i feel so awesome.
CAFK writes...
at 7:14:04pm on 3/4/09
Hurrdurr I'm trip and I don't message cafk for weeks at a time.
you should get a cell
and text me then. HUH?!?!?!
Exactry. [:
CAFK writes...
at 7:54:27am on 1/6/09
<33333333333 I luv u. Where have you been? :[
CAFK writes...
at 4:43:23pm on 9/25/08
Ohay you've been on recently.
CAFK writes...
at 7:16:18pm on 4/20/08
Lolol. Too many hearts. Owell.
CAFK writes...
at 7:15:33pm on 4/20/08
You ARE real life? Holy shit. Can I get your autograph? :]] MSN me sometime, whore. <3
CAFK writes...
at 1:00:59am on 4/19/08
Lolwtf where the hell have you been. >:|
I missed yew. <3
CAFK writes...
at 9:14:52am on 3/12/08
D: Lucky. Imma come to yo house and steal it. Then play it, pwn as Marth, and give it back. ;DD
CAFK writes...
at 5:38:39pm on 3/11/08
HAY. How've you been? :] <3
omgitznpv writes...
at 2:09:00pm on 3/9/08
do you have virginities
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