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About me.....hmmmm.....My name is Jared! I'm an otaku and I enjoy playing FFR, even if I do suck at it! I'm getting better though.....sorta @_@
Tutting, collecting and watching anime and manga, The Hunger Games, osu!, and anything that's cool!
Fav Music:
Dubstep, J-pop n' shit(all that type of stuff, nightcore, etc), and some other stuff
Fav Movies:
Taken, Bridesmaids(Hell yes, favorite movie ever), Harry Potter, The Hunger Games
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drizzleRomanceGirl writes at 6:12:48pm on 4/13/14
Thank you for the profile vote! :)
hitard writes at 2:38:00pm on 6/30/13
Wow just got back on you still play? lol
hitard writes at 2:19:49pm on 3/8/13
Alright will DO :D got to get my laptop fixed first xD
hitard writes at 2:48:03pm on 3/6/13
Yea just let me know haha
cornet lover writes at 7:25:26pm on 2/23/13
lol its ok :3 and ty^^
Jub writes at 7:04:48pm on 2/7/13
Yup yup!
Jub writes at 5:06:16pm on 2/7/13
Text my email! I'm in front of a computer all day long muddah fucka~
Orage writes at 7:09:27am on 11/2/12
Thanks you ;) an afro ? xD
hitard writes at 1:17:36pm on 9/9/12
I will! I'm working on my Photoshop skills since I already do 3Ds Max animations. I want to make those awsome anime backgorund
hitard writes at 7:10:27pm on 8/7/12
Your is better :P XD I need to update mine. Got to get my ffriend to help me out