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ToNy G
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Location:carrallton, Texas, USA
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About me:
Hey Im Tony i love to skate and have funn with friends listen to (music=life) your body is a temple no its an amusment park haven fun being myself and just goofin off
im in croos country track and of course skating
Fav Music:
blink 182,avenged 7 fold, nirvana,acdc,halifax,artic monkeys, red hot chilli pepers,gorilaz,humanabstract, parkway drive,metalica,protest the hero,sum41,system of a down,the fall of troy
Fav Movies:
grind super bad semi pro american history x
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JENN!FAAH writes...
at 9:28:00pm on 12/20/09
ImaSmexCookie writes...
at 2:36:29pm on 9/30/09
You're welcome. ^_^
Becky8 writes...
at 10:21:28pm on 9/10/09
dxxxbomb writes...
at 9:50:45pm on 9/9/09
not a lot
how are you :]
dxxxbomb writes...
at 9:17:34pm on 8/27/09
fo sho i be a gangster foo
dxxxbomb writes...
at 3:46:55pm on 8/27/09
NiLKA_N0ii writes...
at 11:05:49pm on 8/24/09
ehh not much really, just enjoying my last few days of summer, and now school started. so nothing really. lol
NiLKA_N0ii writes...
at 10:46:49pm on 8/24/09
thats awesomee!
i cant wait for my birthday
finally turn 17!
and nope, havent gotten it back yet.
well technically i have it, but its still disconnected.
NiLKA_N0ii writes...
at 10:35:10pm on 8/24/09
heyy tony, how have you been?
OfficaL.Hunni writes...
at 10:32:04pm on 8/24/09
thxx same to you :D
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