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Novice/Intermediate/Advanced (D1-D3) Rivalry!
Posted on: January 1, 2015, at 12:09:38am

Looking for some people to help you grow and challenge your FFR skills? Well, the NIA Rivalry is perfect for you!

Just send me a private message or head over to this thread for details: http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/vbz/showthread.php?t=140245

The NIA Rivalry is a group that hosts events, challenges, and competitions for players from Divisions 1, 2, and 3. It is a great opportunity to improve and meet new people around your skill level!

When I first started FFR, I was lucky enough to be recruited into the NIA Rivalry, and it helped motivate me to play files that I perceived as out of my reach. Through perseverance and friendly competition, I quickly rose the ranks and essentially went from a totally fresh D1 player to a solid mid-D3 player in only about a month! I owe a lot of my early growth to the NIA rivalry, and I highly recommend anyone who is interested in early improvement to join as well.