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Overwatch, Apex, This game, and jacking off intensely
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Hip-Hop, mostly older hip hop (90's - 2003ish), but extends to lyrical hip hop as a whole.
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None, really. Maybe Infinity War and Dr. Strange? Besides that I'm not sure.
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Drayk writes at 11:26:57am on 11/13/19
Holy crap you're right lol. I read that and figured it was gonna be like "Kinda similar sounding" but jeez it's literally a direct rip haha wow. Good catch. Also love the profile lmao. Also hi I'm Drayk :D
ThePapaPancake writes at 3:52:16pm on 10/10/19
LMAO the song Entry (difficulty 60) was stolen, the actual song is called Fear Me by Rukkus/Nightkilla. It's sad how they let this slip, because the original song is from 2011, and the stepfile was made in 2013.