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i am a 14 yearold shut-in(don't believe me? Your fault)
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Posted on: October 6, 2008, at 02:22:14pm   [0 comments]
Fear is red
it smells like ashes´╗┐ of death
it sounds like painful screams
it tastes like my own blood
it feels like burning agony
it looks like eternal darkness
Fear is my anger and hatred

last gay song
Posted on: September 29, 2008, at 06:40:20pm   [0 comments]

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0takuN64 writes...
at 12:26:13am on 9/12/14
what's up? it's been a long time :)
0takuN64 writes...
at 6:43:08pm on 1/20/11
d. gray-man? fuck yeah!!!
0takuN64 writes...
at 1:31:02pm on 5/11/09
how've you been? it's been a while. i'm going back to the doctor with amanda on the 20th to get everything set up for her diabetic pump.
0takuN64 writes...
at 7:52:29pm on 3/31/09
yeah. got a doctor appointment today with amanda, dentist tomorrow, and then another doctor appointment on the 3rd. it really sucks!
julianrex writes...
at 11:47:20pm on 3/25/09
woot sup buddy we should talk more!
0takuN64 writes...
at 9:00:34am on 3/25/09
apparently i have high blood preasure and must take medication for it. also i may have diabetes. i'll know by april 3rd weather if i have it or not. i've been going to the doctor alot lately to have my blood checked.
0takuN64 writes...
at 9:43:57pm on 3/18/09
yeah, so have i. being with amanda alot is kind of tiring (especially with what we do), but i don't care if i get tired later on. at least we're together. so what's making you tired?
0takuN64 writes...
at 8:10:29am on 3/16/09
lol don't encourage me.... so how've you been?
0takuN64 writes...
at 8:49:06pm on 3/14/09
0takuN64 writes...
at 9:35:25pm on 3/9/09
well apparently her parents don't care as long as it's not done in their house and we have protection, but my parents are paranoid about it. even though by summer we'll both be 18, my parents still won't let us close the door or anything like that.
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