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KA0Z R4VR writes...
at 7:52:18am on 7/25/07
Skill Tokens are worth the skill, but there should be another way to get them. I agree with you. :D
l u l l a b y writes...
at 5:55:29am on 6/9/07
shock and awe. almost 4 years. i guess i would've quit already
Insane Gordo writes...
at 2:58:26am on 6/9/07
?!?!?! WTF!!! 2 things. 1. Why the hell are you not better with that many games played? 2. How the hell are you ranked 750??? I romped you. With that much play time you should be insanely good, better than me I would think. Huh, weird. Oh well
Junnu writes...
at 7:56:59am on 6/3/07
Good to see you I added you to my buddies and I give my vote for you
PenguinHead writes...
at 1:04:55am on 4/7/07
What's your mp level? Mine's below zero
Calico_1 writes...
at 1:15:20pm on 4/6/07
It's supposed to rain cats and d*gs tomorrow
Calico_1 writes...
at 4:10:45am on 4/6/07
Your avatar almost killed one of my nine lives
call6468420532 writes...
at 3:48:52pm on 8/29/06
i am adding u to my buddy list
call6468420532 writes...
at 3:48:27pm on 8/29/06
lil jim jim says hi but this is his friend
call6468420532 writes...
at 3:48:27pm on 8/29/06
lil jim jim says hi but this is his friend
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