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I'm pretty sure this isn't important.
Being alive is interesting enough.
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Whatever sounds good.
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I couldn't tell you.
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Comment wall
ShadowMist writes at 11:12:10am on 4/28/13
Oh heeeeeeyyyyy. I'm surprised you even saw my comment, haha. Hmmms. We should talk moreeeeee. Do you have skype? since msn is like gone now, haha.
ShadowMist writes at 1:55:12pm on 1/21/13
Hi there, my dahling~ <3
Did you miss meeeeee?????
I think I'm too hyper. Must be the chocolate cake marshy mallowy thing that my roommate gave me.
I knew I shouldn't have eaten that. D:
ShadowMist writes at 1:51:21pm on 1/21/13
Heyyyy. <3
Look who's back, bby?! Haha. Actually, not really. XD I'm in UK right nowwwwww. Exchange programme. Yay for free internet! yesh.
I ish randommmm.
ShadowMist writes at 8:31:53pm on 7/2/12
lol. Urhhh... Maybe?? Haha. Been playing too much MMORPG stuff lately. XD I start school next week. IT'S ABOUT TIMEEEEEEEE.
I was rotting at home for like a few months already. I am sick of my house. p_q
I need books. And free air-conditioning. :3
Hahaha. Hope you have a great and fabulously sexy vacation. ;)
ShadowMist writes at 9:50:46am on 5/3/12
Ahaha.. is that all you're feeling? ;)
Hmms. I went fabric-shopping today! Going to make a dress for my cosplay~
Hopefully it'll turn out well. >.<
So, how have you been?
ShadowMist writes at 9:08:27pm on 5/2/12
I missed you. :x
ShadowMist writes at 8:12:46am on 12/6/11
Gosh I haven't been here in agessss.
Sooooo...how's school? :3
ShadowMist writes at 8:11:35am on 12/6/11
ShadowMist writes at 8:24:57am on 10/21/11
Argh. I've been so stressed at work lately. >.> Got a new temp job at a bank. Everyday I come back feeling too drained to do anything but laze around watching dramas, lol. Argggghhhh. And I have a driving theory test next week. Gah.
Woe is me.
ShadowMist writes at 2:15:57am on 9/15/11
Lol. At least you don't have to do essays on boring topics like law. :x Like what I have to do. :/
But I have a short break now, so yay me!