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Godly Devil Z writes...
at 12:02:59am on 6/5/08
No, this is hot!
bananaboat5 writes...
at 8:13:59pm on 9/11/07
nm...school started so im loaded with homework (which i dont do anyway) do its all good :D
BoRiS X RaD writes...
at 7:47:14pm on 9/5/07
Because i have a goal to reach and thats to get good spread. this is like my 3rd time trying and i dont want to give up again. and im sure if i start playing index for a day i will just say fuck spread again
BoRiS X RaD writes...
at 3:22:38am on 9/5/07
well at the moment im learning spread. so when i get better then i was index ill message u and play u
OnTheRox writes...
at 2:04:24am on 9/5/07
ahh okies. lol did you see the video i just added?
OnTheRox writes...
at 1:58:04am on 9/5/07
yea, on my tsb account though. are you?
OnTheRox writes...
at 1:56:00am on 9/5/07
oh no!. . . *looks around*. . . . . *runs away*
TSB_[X-OnTheRox-X] writes...
at 9:04:38pm on 8/29/07
lol i thought you died man
APOKOLIPS66 writes...
at 6:58:47pm on 8/28/07
TSB_[X-OnTheRox-X] writes...
at 5:06:53pm on 8/23/07
i'm whoring your page
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