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im formerly ChaosMaster1, TN_Sasuke, and such.
Chicks messing with my tounge
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mother of god(song)
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The Newer and Improveded TN Rules:
Posted on: December 26, 2006, at 10:43:40am   [0 comments]
rotflol. Okay. Here are some rules.

1. Since a lot of the TN members probobly either wont come back to TN, or they just dont come on FFR anymore we need to make new names basically. Instead of underlines we should use dashes.
ex. TN-Naruto, TN-Orochimaru
2. If you are to join TN you must make a TN name. You may still go on your other profiles but you must make a name.
3. You may only use a name from a Naruto character.

1. Only Orochimaru(aka TN_Sasuke) and Naruto may recruit.
2. You must do three questions about Naruto for them to join (just to make sure they really like Naruto and not just looking to join a team).
3. If they pass the three trivia questions play a hard song with them. Based on how good they do rank them with either genin, chunin, jounin, and sannin(for sannin,they have to do like as good as Hinata).
4. I(Naruto) think it is fair for me to be a jounin and you(naruto) a chunin.

Alliances and Rivals:

1. T.A. is part of our alliance
2. RB is an enemy clan

1. You must never plot to overule TN.

Hard Song Examples(if they pass test) :
Get Down(page 5 dance)
Klung Kung(Page 5 dance)
HELLBEAT(page 6 dance)
Crowdpleaser(pag e 6 dance)
Flight of the Bumbleebee(Classic)< br /> Classical Insanity(classic)
Grand Gallop Chromatique(classic)
For FFR(secret pg 1, need 200 credits min.)
and other similar songs.

Comment wall
sakura_nekoblossoms writes...
at 8:10:56pm on 1/19/09
uhhhh....what does TN means ???
TN_Naruto writes...
at 4:20:29pm on 12/28/06
Cool. Im keeping this name by the way Im not going to do TN-Naruto. And Im still going to go on Billydude sometimes. I have more AAA's then you =P.
TN_Naruto writes...
at 7:35:10pm on 12/25/06
Hey... umm... why are you Orochimaru? Why don't you stay with Sasuke?
candycanez writes...
at 4:03:44pm on 12/25/06
Hey Happy Holidays! ♥
Synthlight writes...
at 3:10:28pm on 12/25/06
First person to post on your wall.