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Hey there, my names Curtis. I like to party and DJ and chill out :D
Dj-ing, Partying, Music, Making Music on Abelton, Cruising, Hanging out with friends, Tattoos
Fav Music:
Linkin Park, Rise Against, The Used, Papa Roach, Lost Prophets, Mindless Self Indulgence, Skillet, and a whole bunch more hard rock, Lots of Electro House Dubstep Top 40s and lots of dance music.
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TD_Project writes at 7:22:54pm on 11/3/12
Hey man you still play this occasionally?
We should hit up a match! I miss those times :D
TD_Project writes at 1:01:20pm on 2/17/11
Site is running still, looking for all TD members to join up and be a part of the Team Domnation Project website!
See you there!
- Darcy T
NinjetteYo writes at 6:15:00pm on 12/18/08
Not much, headache.
How about you x]
-Sparks writes at 6:24:39pm on 11/30/08
hey, nothing really. you?
happy birthday!
TD_Project writes at 11:52:24pm on 11/23/08
Oh curtis. You slay me
Jerm1111 writes at 12:50:58pm on 11/23/08
nice man.. I never played rockband 2.. good songs? hmm what dif you play on what instruments? :o
Jerm1111 writes at 11:33:01am on 11/22/08
np, ahh not too much, how about you.. just for the record, im part of TD x33 TD_Jerm1110 .. Dint get to update it any bit >_< but im trying
TD_flak3dout writes at 8:43:58pm on 11/18/08
xXiLoveYouXx writes at 7:50:02am on 11/12/08
haha nicee- rockband(:
xXiLoveYouXx writes at 7:19:55am on 11/10/08
ahh nothing what about you?~(: