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I love u blue muffin. =D <3 <3 <3
Posted on: August 1, 2007, at 08:20:51am   [1 comment]
I walk apon a bush and i happen to know little Dino. I said WTF is That? so then I see A little yoshi Eating its favorite food. a Blue Muffin, She said Do U want To Try Some? I said sure. I love it. (now the poem starts) VVVVVVVVVV
Roses Are Red Vilolets Are sometime Pink ,Somtime Blue.
But U know what almost as pretty as u. YOSHIS!!!! they dont fart in your face. they dont burp in your ear they dont poop on your carpet. but they do kiss u, hug u, they do love u, and they are Hott!! They are funny! Cute. Good at FFR and they can be your Girl Frind

So what i am Saying Is... Blue Muffin? would You be My best Freind... But not only that but Would u hang out with more then we do. But thats not what i am saying is.. would u be my Online GF? i know i am only 10 yrs old but its Online. huh. i mean u say i am funny u say i am good at FFR and U kiss me and hug me.. plz i know its a little to early but when ur ready tell me if its Yrs Or no. thnx baby.. i <3 u very much. -Steven

i Can do this. =D
Posted on: July 30, 2007, at 10:23:16am   [0 comments]

My rival in FFR
Posted on: July 9, 2007, at 08:11:46am   [0 comments]
FFRman247... your my friend but someday i will beet u and someday i wil catch up to u in the ranks.. idc if u get rank 1 (probally neverwill unless u get aton better and u are extreemally good now, and if shash quits tayfun does and all the way till all of the rank 1s 2s 3s 4s 5 through 20000000000 iwill still be your friend but rivals.. lol i love as a friend (not gay) and i will treat u like a brother... u are my friend of FFR so i am gonna give u a vurtal hug for being the best of the best... i am gonna giva allbaneensk8r and darkshark for being brave and one pretends to be a boy *looks at allbaneensk8r* but have the courage to tell that is the best thing of all friendship,ecpecially on FFR (lol) and Darkshark come on son u got a cool n=profile name but come on son u cant akt like a chick now thats just not right. come thats just total nonsense!!! u guys get the brave heart award for letting go the true feeling of not being someone who u are not!!! so thnx FFRman247 we all really truely <3 u!!!

my avi
Posted on: June 25, 2007, at 09:38:11am   [0 comments]
like my avi? lol comment me if u would like me to make u a avi. my avi is not me nor my bro.. its my bros friend. his name is Doug.. he lives in MI. he goes to Zeeland High.. well use too.. he graduated.

Posted on: June 23, 2007, at 06:55:56pm   [0 comments]
like my avi? me make my self.

Comment wall
DJ_Swabber writes...
at 2:16:18am on 4/25/08
Hihi :DDD
DJ_Swabber writes...
at 4:57:34pm on 3/24/08
am I humping MD???
SephyxCore writes...
at 2:46:45pm on 3/24/08
khere finished.
SephyxCore writes...
at 2:30:06pm on 3/24/08
owait forgot to put the background on XD
SephyxCore writes...
at 2:29:36pm on 3/24/08
k :x
SephyxCore writes...
at 12:16:57pm on 3/24/08
Well I actually did finish it, but you were banned. Thanks for the malicious comments though. :/
andili writes...
at 11:10:20am on 3/22/08
lol how u get banned?
andili writes...
at 3:42:53pm on 1/27/08
roffel i thought u hated meh XD. Anyways have fun making unicorn account :D
andili writes...
at 10:31:52am on 1/26/08
u are seriously changing your username because of Godsend?
:( well okayy he might pick on you because you have unicorn afterward :(.
andili writes...
at 3:06:34pm on 1/25/08
aww I said srry though. but i guess you left.
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