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Posted on: December 2, 2013, at 08:54:56am   [2 comments]
this year and only 3 days apart I lost 2 loving people in my life and now I see that life is hard but we must make the best of it and keep our heads up and try our best to make the best memories and to remember life comes and goes its up to us to make the best of everything.
Posted on: November 30, 2013, at 07:23:53pm   [0 comments]
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juanbuscus writes at 5:15:08am on 1/18/15
im the same way lol
Xx{Fallen}xX writes at 4:13:39pm on 1/17/15
thank you for the vote :3
juanbuscus writes at 7:09:15pm on 1/13/15
spring awakening is coming... we have to go...
Kawaii025 writes at 2:56:49pm on 1/11/15
Thanks for the vote :)
Lenomzz writes at 3:25:53am on 1/10/15
scary background D:
juanbuscus writes at 4:29:13am on 7/19/14
bhjvgbhwbfhebfbaweuifbhuibhfuiwhbfuhuw!!! YES IM BORED!!! LOL
o3oMaster671 writes at 4:13:10am on 6/21/14
hey does anyone know how to use the multiplayer on the velocity engine with another user?
juanbuscus writes at 1:22:10am on 5/27/14
your always the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seductive angel writes at 12:46:08pm on 12/2/13
You're welcome
slipknot_6969 writes at 1:12:31pm on 12/1/13
yw like the video