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St. Random
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About me:
my names austen and im easy to get along with. i do not discriminate and i hate people that do. but if you dont like me just go your way and ill go mine. if you need to know anything else just ask. ^^ oh and i think goths and emos and scene kick ass. =D
poetry reading (yes i read the twilight books and enjoyed them) katie hoover =P forgetting and spacing out sleeping full time sarcasm eating Tv video games
Fav Music:
anything but country hate it...execpt johnny cash..he kicks ass my favorite bands/artists are Sepultura Flobots Metallica Slayer Daft Punk Massive Attack Iron Maiden The Verve Bullet for my Valentine Venom Justice Korn Tool Judas Priest Anthrax Incubus Beck Amon Amarth Children of Bodom Mastodon My Chemical Romance Machine Head Trivium Incubus Linkin Park Mindless Self Indulgence All That Remains Megadeath Seether (that is only a few of the way too many to list)
Fav Movies:
Dark Knight Trainspotting Office Space Godfather Wall-E Nightmare Before Christmas Dogma and alot more
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emo1555 writes...
at 9:37:34pm on 4/23/11
Yeah lol.....
emo1555 writes...
at 9:15:27pm on 4/23/11
Nm....bored lol....you
emo1555 writes...
at 9:10:02pm on 4/23/11
Thx for the add :)))
XXXsmittyXXX writes...
at 9:57:12pm on 6/15/09
smokin some weed lol
skeptics writes...
at 9:36:45pm on 6/15/09
yeahhh hah
skeptics writes...
at 9:33:45pm on 6/15/09
hahh i'm just lying in bed. sooo tired.
skeptics writes...
at 9:31:32pm on 6/15/09
me too
I'm just trying to reach 100 games by tonight lol
XXXsmittyXXX writes...
at 9:31:23pm on 6/15/09
Sup sup
skeptics writes...
at 9:25:40pm on 6/15/09
nothing muchh
skeptics writes...
at 9:19:18pm on 6/15/09
thankss for the add :]
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