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Im 13 and a Japanese American, I love video games and ramen noodles!!! I also like going to partys (who doesn't?) and hanging out with my friends. I HATE school, the only good thing is being with my friends, lunch, and when we get on the bus to go home. Well, that about sums it up, hope you like my profile!!!
HALO!!! I love halo. in fact i was just playing it before I started typing this =]. I love ramen noodles (as you know) hate school (which you should also know) and like wideo games (which you already know!). Well heres something you DON'T know (unless your a freaky stalker!!!). I love to watch football on TV (GO COLTS!!!) and the Colts are my fav team! w00t superbowl champs!!! and I like to play baseball, my fav player is Ichiro Suzuki!
Fav Music:
I like Rock and thats pretty much it. Old rock not new rock. My fav bands are. Guns 'n Roses, Black Sabbath, Franz Ferdinand, Megadeth, Coldplay, and some other stuff.
Fav Movies:
Hmmmmm.... I like lots of kinds of movies. Especially the old Japanese Samurai movies, those are the best! I like action, comedy, SOME horror, and sci-fi genres. Fav movies hmmmmmmmm... Harry Potter series, Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Bourne Identity, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Spaceballs, Spiderman movies, scary movies 1,2,3, and 4, X-men movies, I- Robot, War of the Worlds, Big Fish, Night at the Musuem, Ace Ventura, And thats all im gonna type because if I kept going I would nevereverever stop!
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Posted on: August 7, 2007, at 09:39:43am   [0 comments]

Posted on: April 3, 2007, at 06:09:20pm   [1 comment]

CHARLIE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Elite868 writes...
at 3:18:41am on 6/5/08
i love halo!!!... i shall add u to mie haloians list
(if ur wanting to kno what haloians is, just read my random thought about it)
1-Sparton writes...
at 11:08:43am on 12/17/07
I like them........... ALOT!!!
Spartan4957 writes...
at 8:28:15pm on 12/14/07
i havent been on in sooooooo long
halogirl13 writes...
at 3:23:25pm on 11/14/07
i luv halo too!!! ^^
bunnyking452 writes...
at 6:04:03pm on 10/9/07
yo dude
shinigami001 writes...
at 6:19:31pm on 10/6/07
nice avatar! two thumbs up on your profile, hope you can do the same. Halo Rocks!!!
Halofreak4069 writes...
at 9:56:08am on 9/3/07
wow,o yea i beat metroid prime 3
Halofreak4069 writes...
at 8:12:05am on 9/3/07
how about when i went to sleep then(1:00AM)
Halofreak4069 writes...
at 9:17:49pm on 9/2/07
nice,then your gonna ba playin halo or playin FFR when im typing this lol(10:17PM)
dancerdancer15 writes...
at 9:04:46pm on 8/31/07
yeahh i know! whats up?
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