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my name is josh, im 19 i live in New York USA im in to sports... i got xbox 360 and xbox live so add me but let me no who u r-----> Someone609 yes its the same as my ffr
----> Girls, this game, stuff, chillen wit my friends, more stuff theres alot more but i dont feel like typin them...
Fav Music:
rap/hip hop and some rock
Fav Movies:
i like action/scifi/comedy
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ilovememorethanyou writes...
at 7:18:59pm on 8/28/12
nm wbu?
ilovememorethanyou writes...
at 8:42:54am on 8/23/12
EmmyBeee writes...
at 8:53:01pm on 8/21/12
It said you were offline so I just left I'm sorry!
EmmyBeee writes...
at 7:50:43pm on 8/21/12
Hey i'll play a couple games if you want :p
EmmyBeee writes...
at 4:47:44pm on 8/20/12
Haha I gotta get off now but maybe tmr for a few games around 730 server time?
EmmyBeee writes...
at 5:46:06am on 8/20/12
Usually if I'm playing it is anytime after 7pm (server time) Just let me know and I'll def play some games:)
EmmyBeee writes...
at 4:07:39pm on 8/19/12
I'll play you sometime if you want:)
EmmyBeee writes...
at 9:27:25am on 8/19/12
Hahahaha awww thank you!! :)
MrPreggers writes...
at 6:56:24pm on 8/7/12
http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/vbz/showpost.php?p=3529601&postcount=1 Follow the instructions to the letter.. this eliminates most/all lagg for most people. Experiment with different flash players.
Ikaros writes...
at 1:42:24pm on 5/8/08
heyy thanks for the vote man :)
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