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grace.luiz writes...
at 1:30:42pm on 10/18/11
My name is Grace i saw your profile today and i become interest in you,i will like to be your friend and know more about you, if you accept my friend request, here is my email reply me with my email. (graceluiz62@yahoo.com). so i can give you my picture,
thank you, Grace.
Ksl33zy24 writes...
at 2:05:05pm on 8/11/11
i can tell youre goin for that ST (:
the #1 umbreon writes...
at 12:55:19pm on 8/11/11
WOAH!!!!! awesome background!!! dude, do you think u could send it to me so i can show my friends? man that is awesome!!!!! i can't stop staring at it o_0
nordia writes...
at 10:44:16am on 6/13/11
Your profile is epicly sweet! So many colourssss
sakura080789 writes...
at 9:27:43pm on 5/23/11
woah trippy
ScarletSky writes...
at 10:46:10pm on 4/14/11
Hahaha, sounds like a ton of fun if you ask me.
ScarletSky writes...
at 11:18:51am on 4/13/11
Haha, hell yea. I was thinking about picking up an o to celebrate with. Oh, I only use bongs anyway. I'll use bubblers, but I try to stay away from pipes. I like the clean taste and the smooth feel of water-filtered smoke. Plus they get you SO much flippin higher.
ScarletSky writes...
at 10:58:06pm on 4/12/11
Hah, I liked your avatar. It's better than mine. xP
justintime96 writes...
at 5:28:11pm on 2/5/11
You can OD from weed but you need to smoke your body weight in an hour, have fun doing that cause I know I will
Xopenex writes...
at 8:48:57pm on 1/31/11
Lol, I think the same thing. Then come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as too much weed.
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