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FFR Grandtotal:16,569,592,945
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Hardest Clean FC: Violent Arcade (103) Hardest SDG: Husigi Usagi Milk Tei / Winter Wind Etude (101) Hardest AAA: Serious Shit (97)
Rhythm games, DUH
Fav Music:
Basically Everything, though mostly the unusual stuff like venetian snares, terminal 11...
Fav Movies:
Nothing, really
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769 / 1500
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Hateandhatred writes at 3:04:30pm on 9/7/19
hoyl fuk @ skillboost
Rapta writes at 1:17:04pm on 9/5/19
You came from Nekodancer?!
V-Ormix writes at 3:27:22pm on 9/3/19
sixteen billion jee tee
gold stinger writes at 8:20:19pm on 8/24/19
Doing fantastic in the tournament mate. Keep it up!
Matthia writes at 3:39:51pm on 8/20/19
aaahh you got dropped to 51 again
PrawnSkunk writes at 10:55:45pm on 8/12/19
Congrats on reaching top 50!
V-Ormix writes at 8:39:32pm on 8/11/19
200 aaa
Josemba writes at 8:08:48pm on 8/9/19
If you tell v3, I tell v3 you. Gratz
Spec911 writes at 1:54:02pm on 2/25/19
tbk le gars yer d7.. bravo srx c'est pas n'importe quoi
Yyorshire writes at 4:51:22pm on 1/21/19
sorry : (