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About me:
well lets see here..... my name is Richard & if that's a bit long then make up a nick name for me. Richie is what i'm often called & Rich is also. Yasha is my normal Nick Name. my D.O.B. is Ruby Cancer Year of the Snake {if you want me to rephrase it then it's July 7th 1989} which tells you my age. i like girls & i like making new friends. currently i'm single but really am not looking for anyone. {useless detail i know...} i love poetry & i love games. music & hanging with friends. i'm not too much of a phone person & i'll warn you now i CAN be a perv @ times. mostly i choose not to show it. but one thing for sure is i know my limits & i'll not pass them for no one. & likewise Metal, i get astonished by hotness so if i do become a perv you can't blame me there lol. i'm known to be the best person people can ever meet & also is the worst nightmare people can ever meet. i follow this line "i'm a Mirror that starts half Pure & half Tainted. you choose to pure it or taint it even more. i choose no more" if that's too hard for you to understand then i'll explain it more as you get to know me. i start off with simple things & also complex things as well. as you get to know me then either i open up more to you or i just keep you as a friend. my Friendship Ranking system i have is self explanatory so where ever you land is how close you are to me & how much loyalty you have from me. check my Gaian profile if you want to know the full things on what i look for in friends.
interests..... wow ..... i got a lot of them. music, girls, computers, meeting new people, girls, hanging out, seeing new places, girls, sleeping, playing video games, girls, movies, writing, girls, style, personality & much more. if i have something in common with you then we are already good to start off.
Fav Music:
eh... i like most types of music. new age Rap & RNB sucks {most of them} & Gospel is horrible in my ears. Classic is also ... eh in my ears & Funk i'm not to much of a fan. Tribal i happen to love thanks to FFR & other people too. Death Metal & Death Rock isn't me but Metal & Rock is something i love. lets put it this way, if it makes me think, i'm highly sure to like or love it. okay?
Fav Movies:
Movies....... i'm NOT going to get into it. i have TOO MANY of them to go with but one is going to be Day After Tomorrow & Independence Day {there's one movie that i can't get the name of that the creators of this movie also made the 2 i named. help please? it would be grateful}
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manga_freak101 writes...
at 2:09:02am on 2/19/11
yo old person
Rainbow-Vampire writes...
at 2:14:38pm on 11/1/09
I have a Gaia too, don't know why but yea, but you can make an account if you want my youtube is PeachyxChika
Rainbow-Vampire writes...
at 1:51:19pm on 10/12/09
I'm sorry I don't go on ffr as much as I used to..... X3
I have a youtube though... do you?
Elfen_Lied90 writes...
at 1:14:29pm on 9/6/09
i'am going into the 9th grade :'( Fresh meat! XD
Elfen_Lied90 writes...
at 10:10:06am on 9/4/09
ya school is starting next week for me :'( so how is it in ur hood?
MetalMadness987 writes...
at 7:05:32am on 9/1/09
You never voted my pro?! I am so pissed with you.
EvolutionFreak14 writes...
at 9:07:20pm on 8/23/09
Hai! Sup?
MetalMadness987 writes...
at 9:21:08am on 8/19/09
Really now? Good luck.
Rainbow-Vampire writes...
at 7:12:44am on 8/14/09
I missed you!
*gives you a cookie*
Rainbow-Vampire writes...
at 12:07:23pm on 6/26/09
I'm okay I guess....
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