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Elah writes at 1:21:23am on 8/13/19
don't be sad natetheroobin
Josemba writes at 8:36:10am on 8/12/19
u need love
SillyFangirl writes at 6:46:30am on 8/12/19
i feel sad
WereisTheWolf writes at 11:24:40am on 8/9/19
FFR is gone *cue crab rave*
Tokoyami writes at 3:00:28am on 8/9/19
klimtkiller writes at 6:13:24pm on 8/6/19
u should stream ffr more :p maybe when the tourney starts.
dewdew7 writes at 6:06:36pm on 8/6/19
Unbelievable !! Wow great job on #1 and that 109.00 equiv !!!! :)
SubaruPoptart writes at 9:32:49pm on 8/5/19
VRO I been watchin your Osu/Etterna videos for a while now, was hopin you'd make the jump to FFR to take down some stuff, was not disappointed!
MI4 REAL writes at 10:55:42pm on 8/4/19
...You are the Pan!
MI4 REAL writes at 11:39:28am on 8/4/19
you can't just come out of nowhere and make history like that without being suspect