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I have a very difficult time describing myself, so if you want to know about me, you'll probably just have to talk to me. :x
Anime, I absolutely love watching anime, and I adore Japanese culture. Novels and manga, I'm always open to reading new books/mangas so if anyone has any recommendations don't be afraid to leave me a comment. Visual arts, I enjoy drawing and painting, but I haven't practiced this hobby in a long time now. Video games, The Legend of Zelda from Pokemon to Harvest Moon, I love many video games, the only problem with this is that I only have Nintendo systems; I'm usually one for adventure or role-playing games. Photography, I'm not very good at it, but I want to learn more about it and get further into it. Animals, they're the best company, especially a certain two, little, handsome kitty cats named Pocky & Toby ♥. Cooking, especially baking. I absolutely love learning new recipes and feeling the pride swell up inside of me when someone enjoys my cooking is one of my greatest pleasures.
Fav Music:
I have mixed tastes.
Fav Movies:
I really enjoy Horror, Fantasy, and Sci-fi movies, I also love Ghibli Studio's movies. I've watched all of their works except for the few series they've made like Lupin or Future Boy Conan. I have a lot of other anime's I'd like to run through first before I watch those. c:
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magnusus writes at 7:10:24pm on 7/1/14
Fuck these nerds, get to know me. I have a wireless internet connection and a habit of consuming fried foods at inappropriate times. I fucked both of your sisters, I am the complete package.
WolfXhunter writes at 6:50:59pm on 2/5/14
i miss talking to you~ lol
justin_ator writes at 8:28:30pm on 2/4/14
Of course ^.^
NocturneAunamic writes at 4:51:30pm on 1/8/14
How have you been?
justin_ator writes at 1:28:21pm on 1/8/14
You are gorgeous!
NocturneAunamic writes at 11:18:14pm on 1/4/14
hey there stranger :)
Jajadiddle06 writes at 2:40:51am on 8/26/13
mk, still interested.
Jajadiddle06 writes at 11:02:33pm on 8/23/13
you tell me. skype chat with me sometime?
Jajadiddle06 writes at 1:59:33am on 8/23/13
you intrigue the hell out of me.
WolfXhunter writes at 5:38:30am on 8/22/13