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Level 21 female named Shy with an unhealthy obsession for anime, video games, cosplay, cats, and cute things. ♥
Anime is my utmost obsession and because of such Japanese culture is a great interest to me. Novels and manga, I'm always open to reading new books/mangas so if anyone has any recommendations don't be afraid to leave me a comment. Visual arts, I enjoy drawing and painting, but I haven't practiced this hobby in a long time now. Video games is right next to Anime for me and I enjoy a variety of games and game series such as The Legend of Zelda series, Sonic The Hedgehog, Pokemon, Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, Xenoblade Chronicles, Ni No Kuni, Catherine, etc. The list could go on but I am certain that you get the point. I'm a newbie, but I am currently taking a college course in Digital Photography. Lastly, a certain little handsome kitty cat named Pocky ♥.
Fav Music:
I have mixed tastes.
Fav Movies:
I really enjoy Horror, Fantasy, and Sci-fi movies, I also love Ghibli Studio's movies. I've watched all of their works. ♥ Any anime movie will perk my interest really. c:
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Mrs.Moonlight writes at 8:13:44pm on 6/29/15
Hi ^_^ cute page
scarly4real writes at 8:12:42am on 2/9/15

How are you today?
I wish you the best of season
14 scrapkilla writes at 5:28:15pm on 12/25/14
thanks for the thumbs up and merry christmas
WashukunCurryClam writes at 1:14:56am on 11/22/14
Thank you for adding it to your list. I can pretty much promise you won't be disappointed. And just for adding it to your list I shall reward you with a friend request. And a suggestion of Get Backers. Also a good Anime.
badman7772 writes at 12:52:09am on 11/22/14
Just being kinda bored late at night as usual. :P
WashukunCurryClam writes at 2:02:36pm on 11/21/14
Well, it stays kind of consistent but eventually they meet this girl and the plot semi thickens near the end. What about School Rumble? It's absolutely my favorite Anime.
badman7772 writes at 12:05:31am on 11/21/14
How're you? :P
WashukunCurryClam writes at 10:29:44pm on 11/20/14
Have you read Spice and Wolf? It's a pretty good Manga/Anime.
badman7772 writes at 3:57:13pm on 11/20/14
choof writes at 3:49:41pm on 11/20/14