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Location:Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
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ShesSynthetic's Gameplay Stats Today
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sunny days, summer nights, thunderstorms, summer rain, always being barefoot, bonfires, lazy days, kitchen table talks, late night coffee runs, summer insomnia, creative streaks, always texting, starbucks coffee, world of warcraft, disney channel, hoodies, pumpkin spice candles, early morning walks, sketching, thoughts on paper, tanning salons, stretched ears, natural hair, grand theft auto, tuning out the world with headphones and music, being with good people, having morals and standards, bodies of water, freedom, summer colour, green and yellow, loud music, long drives, landscapes, beautiful skies, anything scenic, history, documenting life in photos, the world through a camera lens.
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weeeeeee writes...
at 4:35:47pm on 3/20/09
So you're pretty cute..but i guess you get that really often right?
Sorry haha, just wanted to say hey :]
Nytmares_R_Real writes...
at 10:59:15pm on 3/12/09
hey, your pretty cute. ill add ya if you want
GregPwnsU writes...
at 5:53:45pm on 3/10/09
hey whats up
Zoo York writes...
at 3:30:08am on 3/9/09
Why hello, I'm Kyle. :)
You have a beast username.
Might I ask what your real name is?
offire writes...
at 6:09:23pm on 3/8/09
yeahh =p
offire writes...
at 5:56:25pm on 3/8/09
i think i said this but you is pretty lol XD
offire writes...
at 5:47:16pm on 3/8/09
well hello there gorgeous =D
Mysentia writes...
at 5:44:23pm on 3/8/09
I love the smile in your default picture :D
Well, welcome to FFR, hehe.
Yoshi.L writes...
at 5:36:44pm on 3/8/09
Thanks for becoming my friend,cool photos and profile!!
Mysentia writes...
at 5:30:20pm on 3/8/09
Hi :D
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